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snipshot_89132sxn7tat.jpgLike something out of a comic book, a superhero with powers of extreme physical length came to the aid of two troubled dolphins in a Chinese Aquarium. Apparently, the dolphins managed to swallow pieces of plastic from the edge of their aquarium and became gravely ill. Attempts to remove the plastic using surgical instruments failed because the dolphins’ stomachs contracted in response. So, as the article explains, an epiphany hit doctors,

“Several telephone calls later and Mr. Bao Xishun, certified last year as the world’s tallest man, taking the title from previous holder, Radhouane Charbib of Tunisia, by a mere 2mm, was on his way, from his home in the province of Inner Mongolia.

The 55-year-old herdsmen was able to use an arm nearly three and a half foot long to reach into the dolphins’ mouths and pull out the plastic with his hands, as handlers held their jaws open with towels.”

After the assistance of Mr. Bao, who stands at nearly 7ft. 9 inches, the Dolphins reportedly started to recuperate and are now back to full health. This just proves that all of us, in some way, have special talents that can contribute to society. My third nipple is ready at any moment to lend a hand to those that need it.

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  • rebecca

    No way! And I guess they didn’t call on this Radhouane Charbib because he just didn’t make the cut, huh? Now I just have to get this third nipple image out of my head.