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wilbur.jpgGroups like the The Center for Consumer Freedom continue to frighten the hell out of me. Their latest gift to the world is a critique of the movie Charlotte’s Web as a propaganda tool for animal rights. Oh, the horror. From the article,

“One Charlotte’s Web commercial airing on Nickelodeon (oddly enough, during an episode of Mr. Meaty) shows heroic bike-riding teens in pig-snout masks “liberating” (read: stealing) a barn full of pigs. Is this illegal? Definitely. Is it appropriate advertising for a G-rated movie? No way. Does Paramount Pictures understand what it’s wading into?”

Oooh…look out! Hey Consumer Freedom, get a grip. Wait, you have more to bitch about?

” The TV commercial ends with a plea for kids to visit, a Nickelodeon / Paramount website that encourages kids to “Say no to bacon” and print out stickers reading “Tofu Rulez.”

Wait a minute? Is the SaveWilbur site actually making kids think about where their food comes from? Is Paramount actively saying we shouldn’t ignore animal abuse and should work to become more aware of the food industry? How dare they!

“Paramount’s official website for Charlotte’s Web includes “educational links” to animal-rights extremist groups including Farm Sanctuary and the Humane Society of the United States.”

Nice. And you link to a site called Trans-Fat Facts that promotes the use of that crap in food. What’s more damaging to our children’s health?

If you want to carry a good laugh into the weekend, you can read more of their article here. Just try not to throw your computer out the window after daring to explore more of their site.

Thanks to ‘Green Is The New Red‘ for the link!

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  • rebecca

    Wow. I had no idea. Incredible. More kids need to know where their food comes from. Pork is one of the ones that’s tough to figure out as a kid…there’s no reference to “pig” when you say bacon or pork chops.

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  • Pete

    Its a sure bet that this organization is a front for the meat packing industry. Does anyone have any info about who is funding it??

  • Gary

    This is who the domain is regsitered to:

    Registrant: Make this info private
    Guest Choice Network
    1775 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Suite 12
    Washington, DC 20006


    Administrative Contact :
    Center for Consumer Freedom
    1775 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Suite 1200
    Washington, DC 20006
    Phone: 202-463-7112

    Technical Contact :
    Inc., Interland,
    303 Peachtree Center Avenue
    suite 500
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Phone: 404-720-8301
    Fax: 1.678.365.2899

    Record expires on 14-Dec-2011
    Record created on 14-Dec-1999
    Database last updated on 19-Oct-2006

  • Bren

    I just “love” the idea of ignorant kids letting loose highly environmentally damaging pigs into the local eco-system. Kind of reminds me of PETA releasing all those mink or putting orange vests on deer. Neither thinking what their actions will result. Kids are stupid when they are raised by stupid parents.

  • http://?????????????????????????????? jesse

    this website rocks im a vegetarian caus all tge messed up fARMMER STUFF

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