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snipshot_8964jub18f4.jpgNo matter how many warnings Americans receive regarding the food they consume, we’re still a country of fat fat fatties. Of course, it’s a little hard to see through the mountains of junk food and unhealthy habits when our entire industry in built around such guilty pleasures. When was the last time you saw a healthy alternative at the mall Food Court?

Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef who has spent several years combating child obesity in the UK, is setting his sights on the U.S. “Oliver said U.S. politicians should “stop being so subservient” to “junk food companies” and that the country should cut down on junk and fatty foods, which would help reduce future health costs.

“A fat person in England isn’t the same as a fat person in America,” he said, asserting that America’s obesity problem was far worse.”

Well, he’s right. America’s ass is about the largest in the world. “Oliver said clearer government guidelines were needed, such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent proposal for a near ban on artificial trans fat in restaurant food.

“The junk food companies have got more resources than the government and more money to spend on poxy lawyers so I completely admire and condone the mayor for doing it,” he said.”

It’s encouraging to see more organic options appearing in supermarkets and hearing that soda is slowly disappearing from schools, but we’re still a society hinged on the Happy Meal. Parents, do your kids a favor, and pack their lunches with some healthy goodness. The future ass of America depends on it.

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