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snipshot_941hk7rvq3wq.jpgAnytime I hear the name ‘Erin Brockovich‘, I immediately think of Julia Roberts. This probably isn’t fair since the real Brockovich is still out and about practicing law and helping out those in need. Her latest ‘case’ is assisting the residents of Hinkley, CA (yes, the same residents that she helped win the case against PG&E in the movie) in battle a proposed Nursery Products composting site. She’s not representing anyone as much as she’s lending her star power to the cause; but the impact is drawing media attention.

Apparently, the Nursery Products company would like to ‘build a bio-waste and green material composting facility on 160 acres about eight miles away from Hinkley. The facility would compost human waste and other materials into a sludge used for fertilizer.’ The company was run out of a previous town after residents complained of the stink and flies. However, company spokesperson, Brian Lochrie thinks Brockovich will have a change of heart,

“I don’t think her being involved changes the science,” Lochrie said. “I think if she is informed about the project, she’ll support it because the science says it’s a safe product.”

Uh huh. I like the idea of the project because of what it means for the environment, but just because science says it’s safe, doesn’t mean residents should have to put up with the smell or byproducts. If we’re dealing with desert here, why not just move a little further away from town? There should be some kind of compromise possible in a situation like this. One thing’s for sure, Hinkley is excited to have their champion back, “The timing could not have been better for us,” said a local activist. “She’s a strong advocate who can get us the media attention we’ve not been able to get.”

Do I hear sequel?

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