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snipshot_94u9nwvagep.jpgAfter being swamped with angry letters from fans and named by PETA as one of the worst-dressed celebrities of 2006, Christina Ricci is taking the high road and changing her ways. The actress came under fire after appearing on the cover of ‘W Magazine’ wearing fur and one of the longest running fan websites about her,, shut down in protest. Now, she’s shedding her past. From the article,

“Ricci has apologized profusely for her mistake saying in an email to PETA: “I never meant to hurt nor anger anyone with my insensitivity. For what it is worth, I have received the message loud and clear and will not be wearing fur in the future. I apologize for my offensive actions.”

Alright, everyone put down the pitchforks, Ricci has admitted the error of her ways. It’s good to see her come to her senses so quickly. As the site entertainment wise put it, “if only J.Lo and Beyonce were so humble…” Exactly.

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  • Lauren

    I had a feeling she might eventually make a statement like that. Her comment earlier about respecting the website owner’s opinion and even applauding him for standing by his beliefs sounded so damn diplomatic and removed. That plus “I never meant to hurt nor anger anyone with my insensitivity” sounds like it’s a matter of being PC for her rather than recognizing the barbaric nature of fur “production”. I love Ricci otherwise, and although I hope I’m wrong, I wouldn’t be surprised if she just wore fur every once in a while rather than swearing it off entirely. At any rate, good for Christina!

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