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snipshot_947msso0mng.jpgHave you ever had that experience where someone bad-mouths a family member in front of a large group of people? It’s a little embarrassing and upsetting right? Well, now imagine that someone rips apart your father’s credibility in front of your entire school. That scenario played out last Friday after producer of An Inconvenient Truth, Laurie David, showed the film to an assembly of kids from Santa Monica’s celebrity-encrusted Crossroads School.

Apparently, some young, well-read student stood up and asked a question about the validity of author Michael Crichton’s, “State of Fear,” a novel that questions the science of global warming and rolls its rhetorical eyes at some people’s level of concern.

Laurie, ready for the question and having answered it many times before, went off on a rant against Crichton and his credibility. Everyone else paid attention; except most likely Crichton’s offspring, who were in attendance and probably sat pretty low in their seats. Ouch. The school was aghast, but David (whose own children attend the school) didn’t offer any apologies. From the article,

“David tells School Me she didn’t say anything she hadn’t already said publicly about the novel and author–essentially that a science fiction writer has dubious credibility in a scientific debate. “I felt a little bad about it afterwards…” she says, adding: “I hear there’s a character in his book that’s based on me so I guess we’re even.”

How awkward must those PTA meetings be?

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