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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reported that the fur trim on the Sean John jacket, an item from Sean Combs‘s clothing line, was actually made from raccoon dog fur, and not imitation fur as originally advertised. Happily, Diddy stepped up and took action.

“I was completely unaware of the nature of this material, but as soon as we were alerted, the garments were pulled off the Macy’s floor and website,” Combs said. “I have instructed our outerwear licensee to cease the production of any garments using this material immediately. I appreciate the tireless work that the Humane Society does and would like to thank them for bringing attention to this issue.” 

Isn’t it lovely when celebrities actually take responsibility and don’t just cover their rears with excuses?
Via Perez Hilton

  • hundredangels

    dear diddy,
    it’s great news for us to know that you refuse fur because these poor helpless animals are killed in a horrible way. you have really a great mind and heart which permitted you to ‘jump over your shadow’ – your decision is wise and may be a shining example for others; god bless you!

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  • mary

    Dear Diddy,
    I,am so happy that you did not put your coats out to the retails stores.
    There is alot of people out there are saying fur is dead I,belive in that totally. We are trying to save all the animals from the fur farm as well in other countrys to say no to fur.I,do not own nothing that has fur on it..
    Thank you from all the animals
    that cant speak….