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britney.jpgIt appears that adoption of underprivileged children is an act that is gaining more traction in Hollywood circles. We’ve seen Angelina and Madonna go through the process, and now Britney Spears is interested in making a similar difference. Granted, Spears has been helping a particular child, a four-year-old boy called Wang, from Bali, since 2004; after he lost his entire family in the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Now, she may be ready to bring the boy stateside. From the article,

A source said: “She instantly wanted to help him and is sponsoring him until she can find out more. “And she has even written to officials seeking advice.“The tsunami disaster was a tragedy very close to Britney’s heart and she has dedicated a lot of her time to its charities.”

Britney is even turning to the woman who she locked lips with at the 2003 MTV Music Awards for advice (some bonds just cannot be broken). “She is in talks with Madonna about it and is taking it very seriously.”

Will Paris be the Godmother? Or will a recent fall-out have Britney turning to ‘the Lohan’ instead? Keep your panties on folks, this kid’s life is about to change!

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  • becky

    Why is she asking Madonna? Madonna had enought trouble and contreversy over adopting her little boy, who already had a father. (Not that I’m dissing Madonna, just questioning her choice of why she adopted someone with a family).

    At least Britney is adopting a child that doens’t have a family, but that still begs that question why do the celebrities have to go overseas? Are international children an ‘exotic trade item’ now?

    What about the children here at home? There are thousdands upon thousands of children, here who need a home, but they don’t get one, because they are overlooked because they have disabilities, or are too old, or are just plain American. We shouldn’t commend these people for adopting international orphans too much when our own adoption system has children that need homes too.