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Check out our latest coverage of the Angelina adoption issue! March 5, 2007: Angelina Bending Rules In Adoption of Vietnamese Boy?

Meow. Look out folks! Just when we thought there would be private tea parties and how-to books from some of Hollywood’s most successful international mommies, the ‘my-way or the highway’ insults have started surfacing. Apparently, Angelina Jolie is none too happy with the way Madonna went about her adoption of a child from Malawi, calling it “illegal”. From the article,

“Madonna knew the situation in Malawi, where he was born. It’s a country where there is no real legal framework for adoption. Personally, I prefer to stay on the right side of the law. I would never take a child away from a place where adoption is illegal.” Jolie also commented that she was shocked Madonna would adopt the child with his father still alive and living nearby.

In some ways, I agree, but in a sense I think this type of criticism is a little harsh. This kid’s life is about to change in so many ways not potentially possible in Malawi. It’s a little strange that his father is still out and about, but he seems relatively happy to have given his son a chance at a different life. (Though the ulterior-motives factor could come into play here one day.)

Angelina was quick to offer some positives by commenting how Madonna has been treated in the press, “‘I have been horrified by the attacks she’s been subjected to. All that should count is the happiness of her little David.’

And rightly so. Though I suspect Madonna will approach the process a little more carefully next time.

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  • sirkis

    I agree with Angelina. If adoption is illegal in Malawi, why go to all that trouble if the boy still has a father? It just seems wrong to me. Their are millions of children in the world who are in more desperate need of care, so why go through everything she did to adopt this child when she could have saved a real orphan?

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  • B

    You know she will be scrutinised so much because of her comment about Madonna’s adoption. Usually she would have been turned away but they have decided to ignore the fact that she isn’t married. She breezed through the system because she is angelina jolie from hollywood. Well I hope they will give her a long interview. I can’t believe she’s adopting so soon right after her mum has passed anyway.

  • edchiu

    isn’t it the same everywhere.. when a parent cannot cope with bringing up a child.. they put the babies up on adoption.. so that someone who can afford it, can give their children a better life..

    what’s wrong with that? there are a lot of single mothers or fathers out there.. had babies by accident.. they can’t give the child any support for whatever reason, financial, family stigma.. so they give it away on adoption.. until someone who can come and take care of it..

  • B

    I guess what I’m skeptical is how she breezed through the system while others struggle to file for adoption in vietnam. The Camdodian government has also stopped Maddox’s passport before because they weren’t sure if his adoption was legal. Jolie kept that very quiet when she criticised Madonna. Not to mention zahara’s mum is still alive. Jolie didn’t know that at the time she was adopting zahara (i think it’s very strange she didn’t know). I just hope the vietnamese government looks into this carefully this time. Just because she’s who she is she should be able to bend the rules. The welfare of the kid is another question altogether.

  • Aha

    I am not sure if a child is better off with rich parents who don’t have very much for him/her. Also I’m not sure if a child is better off with celebs parents who use his/her picture along with developing countries to promote the box office taking? I am not sure if I like the idea of a kid who’s too young to understand the concept of the lime light being exposed to the world by their superstar parents? I guess I keep seeing brangelina’s kids when I don’t see other celebs’ kids in the papers. You name it, ewan mcgregor (with a mogolian daughter), emma thompson (with a black son), Meg Ryan (chinese daughter), Nicole Kidman (two adopted kids), Hugh Jackman (two adopted kids)..Would somebody tells me why we don’t see these kids (especially in HELLO or PEOPLE) when these celebs have movies out.

  • Aha

    I pray I don’t see brangelina kids in Hello, People, Okay, and other magazines ever. Those who argue the money went to charity. Hello didn’t pay for the pictures. It was actually given to them by brangelina’s pr team. It was to do with babel and the good sheperd being out in the cinemas. I guess they were trying to promote cambodia as well as the family and their movies. They should stop. I think writing about dalfur in the newspaper is great. It got my attention anyway. But to promote third world countries in the tabloids just DOES NOT WORK. I don’t see anyone talking about namibia or cambodia problems. All people care is where they are not the problems angelina/brad are trying to deal with.

  • Joshua

    This whole thing is silly, and Angelia has no room to judge Madonna on any level. Madonna did not break any laws nor has she adopted anyone yet. She is just this childs guardian untill the 18th’s review of her pending adoption request. Futher more what does it matter if this child has a father, most children who are up for adotion have both parents living. This man left this child to be adopted, just like millions of parents do all the time. Its stupid of her to think its wrong of Madonna to save a child who would have been dead by now if left where he was and in the shape he was in. So I guess she rather the boy have died than be saved?? At least Madonna has given millions of her OWN money to save thosands of these children something Angelina is not doing at all. Madonna has funded homes, education and meds for thousands of children, and it makes sence she would adopt from a home she is supporting. It would have been lame of her not too.

  • sarah

    Angelina gave a lot money away for needy kids and stuffs. That’s not the point though. The point is she’s made some really bad decisions regarding her kids, developing countries and the media. Also her application was accepted by an adoption agency while everyone else struggle to adopt as a single parent from Vietnam. I think she deserves to be criticised about that. It seems they bent the rules just for her. They bent the rules for Madonna too. Her application was approved very quickly because she is Modonna. She also donated a lot of money to Malawi just before she filed for adoption. If it was in the UK or US her child would have been taken away. These celebs actually make it harder for normal people to adopt!

  • sarah

    Not to mention Maddox was adopted by a very dodgy agency. After Angelina’s adopted him, the agency’s director went to jail, a lot of parents who were waiting for adoption from Cambodia were left empty handed. These people have been waiting for years to adopt!

  • duck

    She’s promised to give the centre in vietnam 2 millions when she gets the child! Oh god, she should have known better than that! I can see the rain is coming her way.