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When Y Fray first started her eco-limo service in late 2004, the reception wasn’t that warm. “Other limousine drivers laughed at me when I first showed up at events,” said Fray. “They aren’t laughing anymore.”

Fray is owner of Eco-Limo, a fleet of nine vehicles that cater to celebrities, firms, or other notables from LA to San Francisco. The cars are either hybrid/electric or fueled by walnut oil and reconstituted chicken fat. Options range from the Toyota Prius to a four-door Mercedes. Her clientèle ranges from stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, and Jake Gyllenhaal to Laurie David and the environmental organization Global Green. From the article,

“On a recent day, Fray’s first client was Steve Miller, the owner of a Beverly Hills business that provides administrative services for physicians. He was waiting in front of his hilltop home in the Santa Clarita Valley as Fray arrived at dawn.

Behind him in the driveway was his own vehicle: a black Hummer H2.

“I love my Hummer,” said Miller, settling into the back seat of an Ecolimo bio-diesel as Fray, dressed in a dark limo-driver’s suit, held the door. “But this balances out my life.”

Amusing. Well, whatever helps people sleep at night. It’s great to see such options appearing out West and Fray has plans to take the service to the East Coast in places like D.C. and New York City. (Think we’ll see Cheney in one of these anytime soon?) The basic cost of being chauffeured in a Prius is $45 an hour; in the Mercedes it’s $65. To these charges she adds 29%, which includes a gratuity for the driver. Next time you’re heading to LA or San Fran, consider looking Fray and her service up. The prices aren’t bad for some green wheels and the comforts of driving like a star.

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  • Tom DiBell

    I saw ECO10 today driving northbound on 19th Avenue in San Francisco. There were several things I noticed about the driver and the car. The car, a very nice Mercedes four-door, was almost immaculate, with the exception of the broken license plate holder. The driver was very well dressed with little, if any, make-up. She looked very professional. What I noticed more than anything was her driving. She was careful, considerate and incredibly safe. When she came to where the MUNI train tracks cross 19th Avenue, she stopped well clear of the tracks and did not allow herself to be caught in a position on the tracks with a train coming. Very nice job. I don’t know who her client was, but they were lucky to have such a good driver to take them home.

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