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Fall Out Boy Tours with Pimped Hybrid

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Fall Out BoyThe 2007 Honda Civic Tour planning is underway and Fall Out Boy will be this year’s headliner. The concert tour has been around for six years, “putting fans in touch with their favorite artists at moderate ticket prices while promoting environmental consciousness,” and, ummm, the Honda Civic Hybrid.

The tour begins on April 18 in Charlotte, NC, and the first round of tour tickets will be available on February 17. Fans attending the concert tour will have an opportunity to win a pimped out version of the Civic Hybrid, customized with Fall Out Boy graphics, autographs, and “embroidered ‘eco-friendly’ hemp and vinyl upholstery including the headliner and carpeting.”

[Sound of record screeching] Wait, wait, hold up. Did they seriously write eco-friendly hemp and vinyl side-by-side like that? I assume that they meant the eco-friendly to refer to the hemp, since we all now know that vinyl (aka: PVC) is super toxic in every form of it’s life cycle.

I can’t wait for the day when someone thinks about design with completely green in mind. I love good mpgs, and I loooveee hemp…but couldn’t someone re-think the vinyl on this one? It’s obvious they didn’t think it through, because even IF someone f’d up and put vinyl in the car, they didn’t have to include it in the press release.

Anyway, I’m getting off-track. We’re still excited to hear about Fall Out Boy’s participation in the concert series, and the further spreading of the green word. Keep checking the tour site for more details and dates.

Source: Autochannel, via Hugg

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