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Jay Z, GMC Yukon Denali

Dear Jay-Z,

Water for Life, Hip Hop Lifestyle, Water for Life, Hip Hop Lifestyle. Jay-Z, you really should choose. We’re confused! Do you care about the earth, or just your image?

I used to give you a hard time about your Water for Life tour, then I saw the documentary on MTV and my heart melted a bit. But this tip from Cele|bitchy has turned me ice cold again.

A GMC Yukon Denali painted in Jay-Z Blue? Are you serious? A huge, gigantic SUV. I even went to the GMC site thinking that I might find some cool gas saving feature to the car, but when I try to compare giant SUVs and their fuel economy, mpg’s aren’t even listed. That does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Disappointed & confused,

A Greener Carter Than You

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  • Lynn

    That totally confused me as well! I thought he was on his way to being a green celeb, then I heard about this SUV. What is THAT about?

  • michael

    Money, Money, Money, Money…MONAH!

  • shea jojhnson

    why dont yall cry a little more..what is another SUV going to hurt, you people need to find something better to do with your time not just complain on this website…oh yea i believe it was jay-z who also gave $1,000,000 to help people in New Orleans…what did yall do?