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cate.jpgCate Blanchett, star of Best Picture favorite Babel, has joined a growing crowd of celebrities taking their homes off-grid. She recently converted her residence in the Hunters Hill district of Sydney, Australia into a “green house”, fully powered by solar energy. Her environmental ambitions may also soon take the Sydney Theater Company (where she and her husband are artistic co-directors) in a more eco-friendly direction. From the article,

““We intend to initiate discussions with companies with the aim of making the building self-sufficient, to green the building,” Upton told a press conference. “We are talking solar panels, rainwater, the works. This would ideally generate enough power to do a whole season off-grid. This would be the first theatre company in the world to do that.”

I never realized how green Blanchett was. Apparently, she’s also contributed a great deal to the Forest Guardians, one of the more active environmental groups in the U.S. “In a press release, the recipient group didn’t disclose the amount, but it did call Blanchett’s gift a “substantial donation.” Blanchett said she “forged an intimate connection to the land” after filming a Ron Howard flick called “The Missing.”

Is this woman the ‘down-under’ version of ‘Living With Ed’? Let’s hope her plans for the Sydney Theater Company come through. Would love see a performance in that type of venue.

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