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Moby on Britain News: Vote with your Wallet

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MobyMoby appeared on two English news programs this week, discussing the environment as part of Sky’s Green Britain Week. He covered three main topics during his interviews: voting with your dollars, down with our dependence on oil, and the fact that he is an environmental hypocrite.

First, in explaining the New Power Project of which he is a part with many other musicians: “Our reliance upon fossil fuels is destroying our quality of life and potential destroying the cities in which we live. It’s especially galling as an American because as a taxpayer we spend so much in the way of subsidies to support the oil industry so we’re basically funding our own demise.” Moby is quite enthusiastic about this, but the interviewer quickly shifts him away from the topic.

As for his own personal actions, Moby seems to lead a double life, and considers himself far from perfect. “I’m a big hypocrite. Personally, my carbon footprint is miniscule,” but, he continues, as a musician he’s not green with so many tour buses, plane trips, plastic CDs. When he’s on tour, he sees the big issues like the tour buses with their generators running, but isn’t sure what to do about it. “I would love to figure out a way on a professional level to do what I can to contribute less carbon to the atmosphere. And thus far, I haven’t figured out a good solution,” said Moby.

Here’s a bit of trivia…Moby doesn’t have a car, or even a driver’s license!

Finally, he emphasized that we vote every time we spend money. Vote with your dollars, and give your money to companies that are doing the right thing. The others will get the message.

The videos are worth watching, and can be found here on Sky and Five News. At 8 pm in Britain tonight Sky will host a life debate “challenging leading figures from the worlds of politics and showbusiness to provide a global response to the issues of climate change.”

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