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snipshot_9gnt8x78sae.jpgRachel Ray was not this popular a year ago. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she was out there and all cooking up a storm, hosting a TV show, and getting rave reviews with her books; but the other day she scared the hell out of me by appearing on the side of my Wheat Thins box. And now: I see her almost everywhere I look in the supermarket. It was like enjoying Kelly Clarkson during the first season of American Idol and then finding her on every station of your radio. Mass advertising dissemination. And when did Ray appear in FHM?

Anyways, now that Rachel is in the spotlight, people are paying more attention to what she supports. Actually, that’s probably not the case, but we’re paying attention, and semi-celeb status (even in the food world) will get you ‘razzied.

So, Rachel is fighting a recently proposed ban on Pit Bulls in NYC by Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.
It seems Mr. Vallone is rather upset at the little beasties and would like their existence stamped out on the streets of NYC “before another child’s face is ripped off.” His words, not mine.

Upon hearing this, Ray, who has her own talk show, stood up with a calendar showing kids and Pit Bulls getting along together and said, “I support this.” As Celebrity Dog Watcher wrote (with which I agree), “I don’t think it’s the breed that’s dangerous, it’s the people that own them that really don’t know how to train these animals and to help focus their energy correctly so their frustration doesn’t turn to aggressiveness.”

Apparently, Rachel’s support made the calendar sell out within a matter of days. You can check out the organization’s website here; but it looks like support opposing the ban has temporarily knocked them off line.

Nice move, Vallone. Next time, make sure you propose something that Rachel Ray supports.

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  • Kathy Finger

    Boo. I think some measures are necessary. The dogs are consistently more of a menace than many others. Perhaps requiring higher insurance and penalties would help ensure the dogs only end up in the hands of those committed to responsible care.

  • michael

    Agreed, Kathy. I think a ban is a little too far, but requiring some type of training program for owners of Pit Bulls or some other encouraging legislation might be a better alternative.

  • Daniel

    kathy you are retarded and obviously like throwing out opinions on things that you have done no real research on… because if you had you would have read that instead of what you think “the dogs are consistently more of a menace than many others”. pitbulls in any given year are only responsible for about 1% to 3% of all reported dog bites in the U.S.A. and rank in the top 10 in the ADBA breed temperment testing. so look it up or shut up

  • roy

    tyou go Rachel, i was one of them people that was hesitant about pits, but i am now the proud owner of an american pit, her name is dixie. i think that it’s all in the way a dog is raised not the breed of dog. i thought that pits were vishious animals until i can home from Iraq and my wife had gotten dixie from a friend. now i’m seeing pits in a new light. dixie (my pit) would never hurt anyone. we also have 2 kittens that lie with her in her bed. and now that dixie has had 9 puppies we thought there would be a problem there but dixie being the loving, caring dog that she is lets the kittens sleep with the pups. now does that sound like a killer to you. it’s all in the way a dog is raised. if you raise a dog, reguardless of breed, to fight then that’s what they are going to do. if you raise a dog with love and affection, well need i say more.

  • I’m Not The Only One

    I actually opined on this stupid legislation when it was proposed by Vallone a year ago. If you ban pit bulls, people who want to buy live, snarling weapons as opposed to a loving family pet will simply purchase another breed of dog such as a rotweiler or a doberman. Also, would this stupid ban apply to mixed breeds?

    Check out what else I have to say on this issue:

  • I’m Not The Only One

    A citywide ban on pit bulls is stupid. People are just going to buy other breeds (doberman, rotweiler, etc.) and train them to attack people. With little to no homeland security funding for NYC, doesn’t our overexhausted police force have enough to do? I actually opined on this subject on my blog when Vallone introduced the ill-thought piece of legislation over a year ago.

  • Ariza

    Some of you people are just really stupid not relizing that pit bulls are raised to be mean not born to be mean . . If you ban them and destroy our breed yours will just be next. Ignorence is hate and just plain DUMB!!!
    If you dont own one then just keep your mouth shut on issues you are not knowledgable on. Sometimes when you speak it makes you sound dumber than what you really are!! LMAO’S

  • elizabeth theriot

    i live in louisiana an our state wants to ban pitts an if all of us with pitts would stand together an show everyone that it is not the breed its the owners that need to be punished for the sad reports about pitt bulls an that thay are not these evil monster dogs that it is us humans that are monsters i love my dog an so do my kids she is a loving pet i just wish all the news reporters would report about the other breeds that attack every day but we do not hear about them b/c nobody wants to hear about them in my town alone we may have 80 pitts an about 100 other breeds an no pitt has ever been reported about a bit but the others have is that talling the world something about pitt bulls they are not bad dogs they just want to be loved like every other breed so please read a book about pitt bulls before you vote an look at all the kids that love there pets an tell them that thay can not have there loving dog b/c some body can not understand what love is an is to stupid to understand a pitt bulls reson on earth

  • Gabrielle Vachon

    Rachel Ray owns two Pit Bulls, how come that wasn’t posted. To everyone who’s writing that these dogs are dangerous, turn off your tv and go read a book.

  • Randy

    Nice going Rachel I have 4 Pitbulls and my kids love them. I dont see the point of punishing the breed, when you should punish the deed.

  • jacqueline

    I love seeing celebrities step it up a notch for these amazing creatures. You know, we spend millions of dollars annually to save endangered species, many politicians backing that stuff, but then they try to endanger another species to the point of extinction. I have a pit, and I’ve done my pair share of research. They want to pass a law? Fine pass one, but forgo breed specific legislation and go with the dangerous dog law.

  • william lugo

    I don’t believe that those who are against the ban truly understand the problem. Firstly, no one hates pit bulls and wants to see them vanished from the face of the earth. This is a wonderful dog, and if raised correctly, makes a wonderful addition to any family. The reason why a pit bull ban would be good for New York is that unfortunately this animal is over bread, creating a “ridicules,” and I’m not exaggerating when I say that, amount of abandoned dogs. Secondly, and this may be the more unfortunate truth, this dog is bread to be a killer in the larger inner city areas. These dogs are used as status symbols of power—and many times used for fighting. When these dogs are no longer good for fighting or breeding you can see them roaming the streets of the South Bronx, brooklyn and Queens, as I have seen this many times with my own eyes. Finally, those who own this breed will not be asked to give up their beloved family members, so Its a win win situation for everyone. The breed will not be over-bread, subsequently reducing the amount of strays and abuse to the breed, and those who already have one will not be asked to give it up. If you truly love this breed and would like to see a reduction in mistreatment without having to loose your beloved friend, then support the ban. You owe it to the breed and to your fellow citizens.

  • william lugo

    I mean, purchase one now for all I care, but support the ban because it means that only those who are equipped to raise and maintain the dog “properly” will have one.

  • Emily

    You go, Rachel!! I think the banning pitbulls is fucking stupid!! The people who think pitbulls are scary, demon dogs, go fuck yourselves and get a life. Oh, by the way, I have a pitbull named peanut and she’s the sweetest dog ever. I love her so much, and I would be pissed if she were taking away from me!!