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Rachel Ray Opposes Ban On Pit Bulls In NYC

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snipshot_9gnt8x78sae.jpgRachel Ray was not this popular a year ago. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she was out there and all cooking up a storm, hosting a TV show, and getting rave reviews with her books; but the other day she scared the hell out of me by appearing on the side of my Wheat Thins box. And now: I see her almost everywhere I look in the supermarket. It was like enjoying Kelly Clarkson during the first season of American Idol and then finding her on every station of your radio. Mass advertising dissemination. And when did Ray appear in FHM?

Anyways, now that Rachel is in the spotlight, people are paying more attention to what she supports. Actually, that’s probably not the case, but we’re paying attention, and semi-celeb status (even in the food world) will get you ‘razzied.

So, Rachel is fighting a recently proposed ban on Pit Bulls in NYC by Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.
It seems Mr. Vallone is rather upset at the little beasties and would like their existence stamped out on the streets of NYC “before another child’s face is ripped off.” His words, not mine.

Upon hearing this, Ray, who has her own talk show, stood up with a calendar showing kids and Pit Bulls getting along together and said, “I support this.” As Celebrity Dog Watcher wrote (with which I agree), “I don’t think it’s the breed that’s dangerous, it’s the people that own them that really don’t know how to train these animals and to help focus their energy correctly so their frustration doesn’t turn to aggressiveness.”

Apparently, Rachel’s support made the calendar sell out within a matter of days. You can check out the organization’s website here; but it looks like support opposing the ban has temporarily knocked them off line.

Nice move, Vallone. Next time, make sure you propose something that Rachel Ray supports.

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