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snipshot_9g13j5aiq8u1.jpgWhile it’s only available on The Sundance Channel, we’re hoping Robert Redford’s new series “THE GREEN” will slowly also trickle onto other stations or find its way online. Presented by Redford, the series consists of three hours of programming that “will present original series and documentary premieres about the earth’s ecology and concepts of “green” living that balance human needs with responsible care for the planet.”

As a result of this leap, Sundance will become the first television network in the United States to establish a major, regularly- scheduled programming destination dedicated entirely to the environment. Each edition of “THE GREEN” will feature a lead-off by the series “Big Ideas for a Small Planet,” a documentary series presenting the forward- thinking designers, products and processes that are on the leading edge of a new green world.

The resulting skeleton of this entire operation will apparently focus on small news stories and features; while also fleshing out the time with documentaries covering various environmental areas. As the release states,

“For example, the debut episode of “Big Ideas for a Small Planet” explores alternative fuel sources, and is followed by the television premiere of Crude Awakening – The Oil Crash, a look at the past, present and future of the world’s oil reserves.”

All in all, this sounds like a great way for Redford to focus his environmental passions onto a large segment of time with some pretty cool ideas. It’s a shame that it’s stuck on the Sundance Channel; but I’m not sure there’s another network out there that would be willing to devote three hours of primetime to the environment. Here’s to hoping we see bits and pieces of this showing up online. Since there’s a bit of time between now and April, will keep you updated on this project as it evolves.

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  • rebecca

    According to the release, it will also feature the Ecoists:
    “The Ecoists”(TM) – Some of today’s most active and recognizable environmental activists share ideas, information and enthusiasm about their cause of choice. Participating talent includes Robert Kennedy Jr., Paul Newman, Daryl Hannah, Willie Nelson, Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reese, Tim Robbins, and Josh Lucas. “The Ecoists” is produced by Kontent Real.

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