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jack.jpgWith so much green news passing through our eyes and ears on a daily basis, it’s kind of surprising (and sad) to remember that many of the issues we talk about today, were discussed decades ago. In fact, some of the technology that we think is so cool and innovative has actually been around in some form or another for quite some time.

Take for instance this retro look back at a news story with Jack Nicholson touting the benefits of a hydrogen car (with the hydrogen made from solar energy) and his reaction to driving around in one.

“It’s like a standard Chevy. I backed it up, you know, because the last time the auto industry tried to destroy an independent industrialist, they said a “tucker” wouldn’t back up. Remember that?” Well no, Jack, no exactly. Nicholson went on further, “If nothing else, this will revolutionize car-assisted suicide. Instead of carbon monoxide poisoning, you’ll just get a steam bath…”

The video shows the car running on hydrogen and Nicholson rambling off numbers regarding pollution reduction and the effects such a vehicle might have on international politics. Who knew the guy was such a treehugger?

Could you imagine how different our world might be if we had embraced such alternative technology more than 28 years ago? It was there–but we failed to act. Can we afford another 28 years of sitting on our hands? Check out the video below:

Thanks to Linton from Hugg! for the tip!

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  • rebecca

    Wow, first of all, great find, guys! Awesome video. And that lady sounds just like the Target cashier on SNL…I didn’t think that was a real accent! People just didn’t act, did they? The technology was there, so long ago…

  • Robert Kirchner

    29 years now. What should we expect when we allow the lobby interests to run our govt in Washington? Send your Representative an e-mail every time you have an opinion on an issue. If we don’t, our Representative will think that we have no opinions and will therefore go with the lobbyists. Its our duty to our children. RK

  • Tod Brilliant

    You don’t remember the Tucker? Sheez. Go rent the movie, “Tucker” starring Jeff Bridges. Really. .. it’s a helluva film that documents one of the sadder cases of industrial collusion (between the Big Three automakers).

    Find a Tucker these days and you have a million dollar car in your hands.

    Add it to your queueueueue – you’ll be glad you did.


    Yea, Jack was way ahead of his time and now the timing is right for such vehicles. Check out our HYDROGEN HOT ROD by going to and scroll down until you come to the picture of the SLINGSHOT YELLOW CHEVY SSR. It is a bi-fuel vehicle, the cleanest hybrid on the road. With the push of a button we switch from gasoline to HYDROGEN. Internal Combustion Engines can be converted now while we wait for the MILLION DOLLAR FUEL CELL VEHICLE to come down to a cost where you and I can afford one. THINK GREEN.

  • Hi5 Codes

    Very nice post… more actors should follow his example and get similar cars!

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  • douG

    That accent is a Canadian accent from a rural area near the nation’s capital called The Ottawa Valley.

  • Michael Brett

    Hydrogen is a straw-man argument in the energy debate. For crying out loud, the Bushies support it! Cheap, mass-produced hydrogen is unattainable. My website has a post on the subject if you want to get informed.

    Do love the ole school Jack, though. All work and no play…


  • John Bailo

    I just watched the movie “Black Moon Rising” — high tech drama, from 1988. Part of the plot involved a high speed sports car powered by … water! Which was electrolyzed into…hydrogen!

    But this Nicholson vid beats all…thanks for the awareness.