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snipshot_9p1i9oambxcn.jpgTake that Brad Pitt and Angelina! Um, well, I doubt this has anything to with that, but Jennifer Aniston has decided to forgo adopting a child overseas and instead concentrate on some agencies in and around LA. She did this even despite some advice from the great oracle, Oprah: “She turned to friends for advice, including Oprah Winfrey, who advised her to adopt an African child, but she has settled on an American baby.”

Apparently, Aniston instructed lawyers to start browsing adoption agencies after she split from lucky-once, never-again beau Vince Vaughn. “A source told Britain’s Grazia magazine: “Jen has thrown herself into adopting and wants it to happen straight away. She toyed with the idea while she was with Vince but began looking in December after they split.”

So, there ya have it. While Angelina and Brad, Oprah, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all adoption abroad, Jen is staying stateside. Kids everywhere are putting on their ‘cute’ faces, lawyers are scouring the LA countryside, and someone’s life is about to change. I wonder what qualities she’s instructing her lawyers to look for? Blue eyes, blond hair, trustworthy…

Source: Jennifer Aniston Will Adopt An American Baby

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  • lynn

    Good for her, although I’m sure there will be plenty of critics who will sneer and say that she’s still no Angelina Jolie. I’m hoping adoption isn’t just some Hollywood trend, and that adopted children aren’t just the hottest new “accessories”.

  • Chayra

    she’s finally adopting! what’s taking her sooooooo long to have kids with brad and/or to adopt? whatever it is, i don’t care! as for adopting kids, whether in america or third-world countries doesn’t matter to me, just as long as she follows her heart. if angie/brad feels they should adopt kids in third world countries or domestic, doesn’t matter, what counts is their desires, passions and kind-hearted to save at least one kid!!! i think everyone right now everyone should FOCUS rebuilding new orleans as where is needed help the most!!! i am happy that brad/angie are there and try to make a difference and give their hearts out to the city. i wish more stars will help with the rebuilding the city……..



  • shannon

    geez – a child in need is just that – let’s applaude those that take the time & $$$ to love a child. nuff said.