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snipshot_9uga8vwufov.jpgFollowing in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson has written on her personal site, that her New Year’s resolution for 2007 is to get more involved in environmental and humanitarian issues. In other words, we can expect to see the blond bombshell grace these pages for more than just her famous work in animal rights.

Pamela wrote, “I have some decisions to make about my career – I have plenty of options but most importantly I really want to get more involved in environmental issues…and human issues around the world. The most fulfilling success I’ve had personally is the work I’ve done for PETA and for AIDS awareness..and helping to remove the stigma associated with AIDS and Hep C.

We’re all human – we all make mistakes – we all get sick sometimes – we need to support each other – be conscious of our choices – take advantage of our right to vote – and teach our kids to care about animals, the environment and other people around the world. We are blessed!”

She’s inspiring to say the least, and it seems as if every new week brings another effort on her part to right some wrong. We’ll be watching her work closely and lending her causes the spotlight whenever applicable. Good luck, Pam!

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  • Chayra

    pam, new orleans can use your help! brad/angie as i heard have moved to new orleans, hoping to lend some help there. perhaps, you can co-op with them to help out the devastated damage by the hurricane. new orleans sure can use some help from brad/angie, you and many more stars……

  • Carol E. Cox

    The creepy part-plastic bleached brunette Pamela Anderson is one of the most disgusting human-like creatures that has ever disgraced the earth. She doesn’t have enough time left on this earth to undo the harm she has already done. Whatever she does is wrong because she is scum.

  • mike

    Anyone who is jealous of a humanitarian cause by someone as famous as Pamela Anderson is usually a loser who needs to have misfortune fall on them. Perhaps in a heavy heavy way like a rock or maybe a whole planet. Take that Carol Cocks and your loser outlook trying to poison the free world. I think you should move to Cuba, the only commie place left on earth.