by lynn
Categories: Causes.

Celebrities get all the good stuff, thanks to all the cash they can blow on hot new, well, anything plus all the free stuff they get from events. Anyone’s mind will probably reel at the thought of all the clothes stars must have in their closets, and even Mary J. Blige herself cringes at all the clothes and shoes she’s purchased over the years. So she’s cleaning out her closets and donating outfits she’s hardly worn to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The R&B star fears she’s collected mountains of clothes she rarely wears over the years and now she’d like others, more in need than she, get the full use out of the coats, gowns, shirts, shoes and trousers.

  • hundredangels

    i hope from all my heart that she donates also her fur stuff and that she goes furfree into the future!!!

  • lynn

    It would be nice if she gave up on fur, wouldn’t it? Let’s cross our fingers on this one!