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snipshot_a4131oebt8u6.jpgIs the media proclaimed ‘Green Prince’ being a little ‘naughty’? The BBC is reporting that Prince Charles is receiving criticism and labels of hypocrisy after scheduling a 7,000 mile plan trip via jumbo jet to New York City. Sure, the Prince is making every effort to stand by his goal of using scheduled, instead of chartered, flights; but apparently his 20-strong entourage have booked the entire first-class and club class sections of the plane; a section that can generally seat more than 60 people. This means their carbon footprint is nearly three times more than it would be if every seat were full.

Environmental campaigners were a little more harsh saying that Charles should accept the award via video link and that flying all the way to the U.S. for the honor was akin to “turning up to an Oxfam award ceremony in a stretch limo.”

“Prince Charles may as well be picking up an award for green hypocrisy, said Joss Garman of environmental action group Planet Stupid. “Especially since he could have used this to highlight the seriousness of climate change by accepting the award via video link up.”

Hmmm…this is a bit of a debacle to be sure. Al Gore was no less immune to these criticisms as well; flying around the country to promote ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. I find myself on the periphery of these arguments holding true to my sentiments that a person in the spotlight promoting the environment and potentially inspiring millions is allowed some leeway on transportation issues. I commend the Prince for sticking to his commercial flight rule but side that the better option in this case would have probably been the video uplink. Still, we can’t expect Prince Charles to never leave the U.K. and his personal visit may stir up more positive publicity for the environment. No doubt, the U.K. is proud of Charles to receive this award as well. Perhaps we’ll hear some reasons for flying all this way for the award. Till then, I’ll reserve my judgments on his lack of seat efficiency. Hit the article for more!

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