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wolf.jpgI just finished watching the trailer to the movie, ‘Blood and Chocolate’, and I while I’m sure it will be entertaining, I have absolutely no idea why it’s called ‘Blood and Chocolate’. I’m usually pretty good at these literary devices, but I’m stumped. The movie is about werewolves and the love of the main chick werewolf for someone who isn’t cursed and resides outside the clan. However, she has to fulfill some kind of prophecy and choose between the head of the werewolves or this starving artist dude; and of course, all hell breaks loose, everyone turns into wolves, and…are you with me here? So, why is the movie called ‘Blood and Chocolate’? Why am I going on about this?

Anyways, even if the move turns out to add absolutely no value to American cinematic history, some good has still come out of its production. It turns out that the producers of this flick adopted a pack of wild endangered wolves in Romania and gave each of the stars their own ‘wild animal’ as a gift. From the article,

“British actor Dancy says, ‘It was a gift from one of the producers to each of us. He adopted a wolf on our behalf. I suppose I am now the adoptive father of a wolf. I suppose I should probably go about thinking of a name (for my wolf).’”

Cool, right? This is a hell of a lot better than anything the producers of “Happy Feet” could come up with. Why didn’t they decide to adopt a ‘pack of penguins’? Bastards.

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  • Tiana

    i love the book i have yet to see the movie but it looks good. I have heard that it is not going to be the same at the book but anyways i will buy the movie when it comes out!!

  • michael

    But what about the ‘Blood and Chocolate’ reference? is it because blood mean death but chocolate means sweet satisfaction? How do they apply?

  • Mai Kao

    The title is tied to the book on which the film, is based off of. The heroine realizes that her “love” for the human Aiden may have been comforting and sweet (like that of chocolate) but what she really craves is something much more real and satisfying (blood aka being a werewolf and Gabriel).

  • Xtinna

    Blood & Chocolate have been spamming magazines! Every magazine thati buy feature the blood and chocolate ads..i still have no clue what this movie is about and why there isnt an previews on the television this week, it comes out this friday.