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snipshot_a4euxjwn30c.jpgJennifer Lopez’s fur-wearing ways may receive a little more spotlight time today if PETA’s covert actions pay off. The animal rights group is planning on infiltrating a contest offered by JLo in conjunction with the launch of a new perfume, ‘Glow After Dark’. Lopez is holding a media event for the launch in which women have a chance to be named the new ‘Glow Girl’. From the article,

” Sources say PETA intends to plant a member of their organization within the throngs of other women who hope to win an appearance on Lopez’s online project, ‘The Glow After Dark Show’.

This isn’t the first time JLo has come under attack from PETA – the singer uses fur in her clothing lines and wears it herself – and often. She wore fur to a Golden Globe after-party on Monday night.”

Love it! Lopez has been pretty much immune to the criticism heaped on her for wearing animal fur — it might make her think a little more about the practice if PETA manages to pull off an embarrassing moment. We’ll keep you updated on what goes down; but in the meantime, we’re wondering if PETA has any plans for Beyonce as well. We’d assume they would try the same thing, but if Beyonce releases another album, would anyone bother to show up?

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  • John Carmody

    HGello Ecorazzi,

    I must say that i certainly do agree with PETA that fur is so horribly cruel and barbaric. It’s only people who are ignorant and cruel who choose to wear fur, people who have cold hearts and simply checking J-Lo out it doesnt surprise me that she is one heartless lump of rock!

  • Gayle

    It’s appalling that these “stars” are still wearing fur, after they have repeatedly been made aware of the ethical problems associated with the Chinese fur trade.

    According to the Humane Society of the United States, “Millions of dogs and cats [including pets] are processed every year under horrendous conditions
    [many skinned alive] and then slaughtered for the [Chinese] fur trade” which supplies more than half of the fur garments imported for sale into the United States. Dog and cat fur is deliberately mislabeled as fur from other species so that it can be sold to unsuspecting Americans.

    Everyone from Paul McCartney to Martha Stewart has denounced this fur, including some of the largest clothing retailers. J. Crew, Ann Taylor (who has 740 stores in 45 states), Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, and U.K.’s most highly respected fashion chain Topshop, have all stopped selling fur after seeing the Fur Trade videos. Additionally, many stars who had previously worn fur, denounced it after seeing how it is “produced.”

    This is not an issue that concerns only animal rights advocates. Mainstream citizens are climbing onboard the boycott.

    Anyone even thinking about wearing fur has a moral obligation to seek out information about the “production” process and where the fur comes from.
    They should go to the Humane Society web site or the link below and view the videos before falling for the advertising hype urging them to buy fur.

    In January, Care For the Wild, East International, and the Swiss Animal Protection released their wrenching findings from Fun Fur? A Report on the
    Chinese Fur Industry.

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  • Tanya

    If thats true about animals being skinned alive and such then that is really horrible. But I do have to say that PETA should not force their beliefs on anyone and have gotten pretty annoying lately in the news. Its like which celebrity have they now found out is also eating meat, they can expect something from PETA.