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UK Asks Arnold. He Answers.

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Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe Governator is featured in The Independent’s “You Ask the Questions”, and readers across the UK did just that. The first several questions were all related to global warming, carbon emissions, and Hummers. Arnold Schwarzenegger directly answers some, and skirts others in a very politician-esque manner. Read on:

Do you think the world will ever take credible action to reduce CO2 emissions? STEVE CRAWFORD, Lincoln

Absolutely. The Kyoto treaty was a great first step, but unfortunately the United States has been unwilling to participate. We are trying to lead on that issue in California, setting the most ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions ever and working with other states and even other nations, such as Britain, to inspire the rest of our country and the world to follow suit. The world needs a model of how to reduce CO2 and grow the economy at the same time and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

You made big friends with Tony Blair over climate change. In Britain he is now very unpopular. What impressed you? JENA GRAHAM, London

Tony Blair is a great leader and he has been out front on global warming and environmental protection for years. I was grateful we could work together.

Do you feel let down by the Bush administration’s ostrich-like attitude to global warming? DIANA MACKENZIE, Belfast

We are frustrated that Washington hasn’t chosen to lead on this issue, and that’s why California has stepped in. We are not waiting for the federal government to act because the future doesn’t wait. But I feel the tide turning.

Owning a fleet of Hummers is not very green – why are you so wedded to keeping them? PETE CAMPION, San Francisco

A few years ago, I challenged General Motors to make a Hummer that runs on hydrogen fuel, one of the cleanest alternative fuels available. They met my challenge. Clean fuels like electricity, hydrogen, biodiesel, natural gas and others are the fuels of tomorrow.

What are the top three things every government could do to lower carbon emissions? ANDREW MOLONY, Glasgow

Developing clean alternative fuels is probably the single biggest thing we could do, and that’s why I just signed an executive order in California that will require producers of transportation fuels to reduce their carbon content by 10 per cent by the year 2020. We have also set industry targets for carbon reductions, but are devising a market-based system to allow the targets to be met without economic hardship.

Read the complete article at The Independent.

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