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Christy Brinkley. Barcello for NEWSChristie Brinkley and her soon to be ex-husband Peter Cook were in divorce court yesterday really battling it out. Brinkley, who is looking incredible, will turn 53 years old in a week and a half.

The couple was advised by the judge to be civil, as both sides began bickering on details. For instance, one of Brinkley’s demands is that Cook will not make the children fly commercial during a level-red terror alert. His lawyer said, “Mr. Cook is chagrined that he is being told he should not take his children on a commercial plane when there is a red alert.” Cook doesn’t want his kids flying at all during a level-red alert, private or commercial. “I don’t have a problem with a private jet,” the judge said. “It’s a whole different security issue.”

As she was leaving the hearing, Brinkley refused to talk about Cook, instead covering a very Ecorazzi friendly topic. “The environment is the greatest threat to our children,” she said, flashing a leather bracelet that read: “Stop Global Warming.”

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  • Molly

    Yeah, that leather bracelet is clearly helping to end global warming… You know, with all the methane that cows produce and all…

  • barbara

    oh yes, brinkley is really ecofriendly…with her 6 homes, 6 cars (mostly mercedes, and she has one prius…woopie…she uses that when she wants to look like she gives a damn), heated garage, 2 heated pools, manicured and depested 20 acre lawns, and and additional HUGE estate compound with 3 houses on it, and flying only on private jets, she uses no energy at all. Yes, she is very ecofriendly. She also calls herself a vegetarian, but she eats fish. Wakeup. She is only an ecologist when it suits her to look good in the press. Lastly, about 3 years ago, she was caught in North Haven conduting questionable lobbying outside a voting station, supporting candidates that would overturn a decision which would not allow her to expand one of her homes beyond 10,000sq ft. Oh please, get beyond the practiced smile. You should know better.