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Ice LoungeThe greening of the entertainment industry is an interesting one to watch. While I’m so happy to see that it is happening, I remain concerned that a lot of people still just don’t get it. The media loves that green is hot right now, and combining that with celebrity stories, even hotter. But I have to wonder: Is everyone just cheerleading these events & gifts, or is anyone asking the tough questions?


Oh the swag. Too much stuff that people don’t need, but take because it’s free. Robert Redford realizes that these, what he calls, “ambush marketers” have arrived at Sundance. Everyone is chomping at the bit to have their products on the arm of a celebrity that just, oops!, might get caught on camera.

The situation is slightly improving this year, however, thanks to the IRS. Since celebs now have to pay taxes on their “earnings” from the swag…the bags are a bit lighter. Of course, these marketers haven’t given up. They’ve switched products for services, which are tough to put a price on.

It’s a big problem. I even question eco-bags. I love that the products are eco, but encourage the manufacturers and marketers to find another way to get the word out without creating so much waste.


During Sundance, existed Project Greenhouse, but also The Ice Lounge: both green events happening during the film festival. Says the website, “UPP invites environmentally aware VIPs to explore and exchange ‘green’ ideas during the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.” Great! I love the concept. I love the idea that the event is bringing awareness to the environment, and allowing individuals and celebrities make that statement.

The event was even a fundraiser for the Conservation Fund, and no free swag was given. Even more awesome (or is it awesomer?). However, an entire lounge made of ice? How much energy did it take to great that? And oohhh, the picture of the “future site of the St. Regis Resorts & Residences”…looks like they’ll be building on top of a completely beautiful, untouched area. Will they be building green? And how many celebrities actually did show up? When this person went, there were none there. Would the event have existed just to educate the attendees, or was it only in hopes to attaching your event/product name to a famous name? What if you created an incredible, educational and fun event for the general public – and get the word out to the masses?

However, I have to give props to the Ice Lounge for having several people at the event specifically to educate the guests. I think the concept is right, but maybe it needs tweaking to make the event more effective and greener.


Is it that the event planners, product makers, marketers and the like are the ones that are not exactly on the right path? Or is it me? Should I expect that since we are talking celebrities and Hollywood, everything will be supersized, overly-extravagant, and luxurious?

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  • Chris

    They are in it for the NOW “Please look at me I’m a “greenie” tooooo!”

    And when green is no longer black, they will not be back…

    Their little “green” day in the sun drives BILLIONS of dollars from critical long term successful environmental programs.

    Clearly, these “eco-events” cost more to host & produce than they earn for ANY charity. But, hosting an “eco-events” gets WAY better PR than writing a check to a noble cause.

    I do know several “long term” eco-celebrities that are good examples like “Ed”, and “Redford” … as they have made it a lifetime commitment. Not a self, movie, or political promotion.

    Generosity with strings is not generosity; It is a deal.” – Marya Mannes

  • Peggy Farabaugh

    Good job in bringing this up, Rebecca. Will the real green celebrities please stand up? I’m betting they’ll be carrying solar cells and local produce, rather than gobs of swag.
    Peggy Farabaugh