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People reports that Angelina Jolie was recently in Vietnam for a meeting with International Finance Corporation’s Mekong Private Sector Development Facility, which aids development in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. She went on behalf of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Project, the community development group of which she is the co-president.

In particular, Jolie is interested in a project to help subsistence farmers grow and sell bamboo, a business that, Bognar says, could increase their monthly income from $25 to $100-300. Bamboo crops also filter toxins from water and help stem soil erosion.

Seems like Angelina’s interest in saving the world knows no bounds, doesn’t it? Unfortunately though, it has also been reported that she shelled out $700 for a two-hour stay at Shutters On The Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, California. Now that’s money that could have been put to better use in one of the countries she’s so keen on helping out. Jaunted points out that there seems to be a bit of conflict in the two reports, so let’s see if this story pans out before I start huffing again and grumbling about the $700.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Angie for always trying to make a difference in a child’s life or at something! I am happy to support and applaud her continuing efforts and humanitarian work. Hmmmm, as for the $700, how can that be as she was in Vietnam????? Hypothetically speaking if she did spend $700, she deserves to spend every penny of that. It’s because she’s helping others, that does not mean she shouldn’t take care of herself and her family! What about other stars spending in the thousands daily, how come you don’t pick on them too?????? Losers!!!