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BBC2: Should I Really Give Up Flying?

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David & Victoria BeckhamBBC 2 in the UK will air a program at 9pm tonight called “Should I Really Give Up Flying?” It seems to be in response to all of the Prince-Charles-flies-a-lot-scandal.

But the issue is larger than just Prince Charles. States the website,

Last year, British airports handled more than 200 million passengers and it is predicted that that number will double over the next 15 years. But this love affair has an environmental cost: while aviation currently accounts for approximately four per cent of greenhouse gases, scientists believe that figure will rise to over 60 per cent by the year 2050.

In conjunction with the press coverage for the show tonight, Guardian writer Patrick Collinson names his Top 10 Eco-Sinners for flying. First up, Donnatella Versace. For £10m she’ll outfit your private jet with unique cabin leather seating, signed and numbered by Versace.

Next, Tom Cruise, known in the UK fondly as “Emissions Impossible”, who owns three private jets, including a new one just for Katie. Third on the list, John Travolta and his Boeing 707, three Gulfstream jets, and a Lear jet. Pulling up the middle of the list are LA’s newest residents, David and Victoria Beckham. They calculate that Becks clocked over 15,000kg of carbon dioxide last year with all of his flights. Then there’s everyone’s favorite Simon Cowell who pimps flying private because you can smoke at 36,000 feet.

Read the entire article, it’s a fun one, and then check out the website created especially for tonight’s show: Should I Really Give Up Flying?

The UK seems to be doing a fantastic job at looking at the environment from many different angles, and producing interesting and timely shows about current issues. Plus, I have to give them extra credit for always seeming to launch a complete website as an additional resource for viewers.

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