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lo.jpgPETA continues to impress me; not only are they on top of the game regarding the latest good and evil in animal rights, but they’re also pretty clever when it comes to getting their message to those who need it the most. In this case, the celebrity punked was none other than fur-culprit, Jennifer Lopez.

As we reported earlier, JLo held a press event/contest at a Macy’s Department Store in California for the launch of her latest perfume, Glow After Dark. For the contest, JLo was looking for the next “Glo” girl to represent the product. She held open public auditions and several young women came to the event hoping to win. PETA decided to attend as well and rig the contestants with some of their own supporters. Apparently, their plan paid off. From the article,

“Two members from PETA disrupted the proceedings when they took to the stage and pretended to audition, but, instead, launched into a tirade against the singer/actress.

While on stage, one of the PETA protestors told judges, “I think the most important thing about being a diva… is not only being sexy and being stylish, but not wearing real f**king fur!” She then began chanting, “J.Lo, fur ho!” The stunned master of ceremonies quickly marched the intruder off the stage.”

JLo, Fur Ho! I really dig that chant; and it must have been pretty embarrassing for the organizers to have some party crashers on the scene. No word yet on if JLo was in attendance, but we have to wonder how many more public ridicules she’ll suffer before finally dropping the fur. Till then, we look forward to hearing what PETA has planned next.

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  • William McMullin

    Animals skinned for fur come from two places—fur ranches and trapping the animals in the wild. On fur ranches, animals lead miserable lives confined in small, filthy cages. They are cruelly killed by being gassed, suffocated, or by electrocution. They are electrocuted anally or through the mouth so that the blood doesn’t ruin the “clothes.”

    Trapping animals in the wild for fur is not any more humane. There are many traps used to trap animals. One common trap is the steel-jaw leghold trap. This trap closes with bone-crushing force onto an animal. The animals often try to chew their own limbs off to escape. The traps also catch our companion animals such as dogs and cats. These traps are dangerous to children.

    If you have any fur coats, please donate them to PETA to go to the homeless:

  • Jim Donald

    PETA is a hypocritical organization that KILLS perfectly adoptable dogs and cats, puppies and kittens…confirmed by their OWN admission. Where is the outrage? Any eco-friendly website or blog that fails to denouce this genocidal organization is hypocritical as well. If you aren’t following the trial in NC you must have your blinders on. If we fail to expose PETA for who they really are, we discredit the whole evironmental movement.