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snipshot_a91010569gai.jpgI held off talking about this new organic pomegranate-based skin cream line at Sundance, because I wanted to see how celebrities reacted. Obviously, anything free induces giddy feelings, but reactions seem to be above normal for Pomega5. From their press release,

“Actress and singer Schuyler Fisk said, “This smells amazing and feels great!” Adam Brody (“The OC”) declared, “I really need this cream. My hands are sooo dry,” and actress Olivia Thirlby said, “This feels wonderful. It smells great too!” Other celebrities who went home with the Pomega5 products include: Academy-Award nominee Brenda Blethyn, Emmy winner Camryn Manheim, Kathryn Morris (of television’s “Cold Case”) and Tom Arnold.”

Anyways, wow, they love it. The product itself is pretty environmentally friendly: “The skin care products are made from organic and biodynamic ingredients in an accredited chemical-free lab in France, are naturally preservative-free, and contain no synthetics or perfumes. The pomegranate seed oil supplements contain punicic acid, a source of Omega-5 conjugated fatty acid and rare plant based source of CLA.”

These days, you hear pomegranate, and you think of the Pom Juice line that’s been under attack from PETA and Pamela Anderson for animal testing. We’re pretty sure these aren’t the same guys — and unless you have a fresh vat of pomegranate seeds on hand, you’re likely to enjoy this product. Hit their site for more info and let us know how it is!

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  • peter law

    pls verify on pomega5 homepage – research: this stuff may be organic and biodynamic and environmentally sophysticated but it is animal tested! i think anyway that all this environmental thing becomes an insane religion letting the animals behind and forgets once again their suffering! environmentalism is eating animal cause! driving a hybrid car or putting sun energy on the roof doesn’t save one poor animal from slaughterhouse, vivisection or furtrap! so mankind celebrates again itself and the climate is changing anyway – so better than trying unsuccessfully to change it, it would be better to get prepared for it!

  • michael

    I agree that no product should be tested on animals — that’s not what we’re for here. However, I do not believe that Pomega5 initiated or funded any of the research that they quote on their site. I’m not saying that they should not be responsible in their links (such as acknowledging the tests and responding that they do not support research on animals, but unlike POM juice, which actually funded a massive amount of animal research, I don’t believe Pomega5 is doing the same…I’ll do a little digging…

  • Tzeira

    Pomega5 does not do any animal testing at all, and never has. In fact, the company is incredibly conscientious. The ingredients used to make the products are organic and/or biodynamic, the jars are sterilized with hot water (not chemical solvents, as are most others)and the products contain absolutely no synthetics or chemical preservatives.
    The author of the previous comment is likely reacting to one of the independent clinical studies. We post links to scientific papers relating to pomegranate seed oil for those who are interested in learning more about this amazing ingredient, but have no relationship with the authors of these studies.

  • michael

    Thanks, Tzeira. That clears it up then.

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