by lynn
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georgeclooney.jpgWe love it when celebrities fearlessly march into disease-ridden, war-torn parts of the world to do their bit in making people’s lives better. It gives one a lift to see people using all resources at their disposal to do good instead of throwing everything on clothes, bags, parties, or even drugs. It makes you wonder how they get up the nerve to do the work they do.

But at least peacekeepers and goodwill ambassadors can fulfill their duties in comfort. Celebitchy reports that a company called the AFEX Group provides luxurious compounds for UN officials and employees. The compounds are equipped with everything from a gym to a driving range, and a stay would come up to $200 a night.

We completely agree that officials, peacekeepers, and celebrity volunteers do need good, secure living spaces for the time they’re out on the field. It’s tough and dangerous work after all. I just wonder if such compounds will turn the people into more visible targets. Thoughts, anyone?

  • Jim Donald

    PETA is a hypocritical organization that KILLS perfectly adoptable dogs and cats, puppies and kittens…confirmed by their OWN admission. Where is the outrage? Any eco-friendly website or blog that fails to denouce this genocidal organization is hypocritical as well. If you aren’t following the trial in NC you must have your blinders on. If we fail to expose PETA for who they really are, we discredit the whole evironmental movement.

  • katiezo

    How is that comment related to this post at all? It’s also totally bad logic. There are lots of things that people don’t cover on their blogs. This is a website that covers celebrities and green causes. That’s only tangentially related to fur and peta’s cause. To discredit the green movement because they focus on the cause at hand – the environment – rather than go off on some tangent that you think is important is completely illogical.

    It’s doubtful you give a rat’s ass about the environmental movement or you wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it for something that it has nothing to do with.

    I’m not going to respond to you if you get back to me, so go troll somewhere else.