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Gill DeaconThe Green Carpet Series is staging an event next Tuesday entitled “An Evening Of Sustainable Style.” Canadian designers are teaming up to present environmentally-friendly clothing, which will be modeled on the runway by celebrities such as musician Melanie Doane and reporter Kim D’Eon.

Money raised by Green Carpet will finance the WWF climate change education programs and conservation work. Recently WWF-Canada has focused on replenishing Canada’s cod stock and other species affected by over-fishing says Tara Wood, public relations manager for WWF-Canada. Read more.

The event will be hosted by Gill Deacon and George Stroumboulopoulus.

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  • Sustainable Sean

    Hey Y’all, SSF Style Amassador (that would be me) will be in the house for this one. Really looking forward to it. I’ll send a full report afterwards. Anyone other Ecorazzi fan’s going?

  • Linda

    Hi there,
    My boss, Laurie, the owner/operator of the E’Terra Inn will be in attendance.
    Huge fan of ecorazzi!!
    We are having our grand opening gala in May – if you are the SSF style ambassador, what do you recommend that I wear. I want my outfit to say – “HI, I am aware, responsible, natural but also just a bit of “wow that looks good”. What do think?
    Have fun at the party!
    Exec Assistant

  • lynn

    Great to hear from both of you! Hope you can keep Ecorazzi updated on the event!

  • Sustainable Sean

    Hey Linda,

    Great question. Hmm…guess it would depend on how fancy you want to get and how much money you want to spend. The big decision is to go with something new or something vintage/2nd hand. High end for both options are available. Linda Loudermilk does stunning gowns or you could go with a vintage gown…a lot of celebs go to Paperbag Princess in LA (Jennifer Aniston in vintage Halston for example, or maybe a Pucci to get everyone’s attention). If you want to go a little more hipster/sassy, try to find a designer consignment shop in your area. Seattle has several great options for example. If you want to buy something new in this range check out Edun and some of the other ecoboutiques online (there are many on the SSF Website on the Fasion Online Sourcebook page) Finally, you can go full on 2nd hand and put something amazing together from Goodwill. I’ve actually found Zegna, Armani Hemp Jeans, and Donald Pliner shoes there for example. Ther are also local designers and student designers that could work something up for you out of sustanable or recycled textiles.

    Perhaps the most important aspect is being able to tell a story about what you are wearing. It’s not just about ‘who’ you are wearing but the ‘why’ you are wearing.

    Don’t know if that helps, but hopefully it is a start.


  • Linda

    Hey Thanks Sean,
    Since I am a huge fan of used clothes(I always have something used on)…that is a great idea.

    With respect to Lynn wanting us to keep Ecorazzi up-to-date on our gala…I think Ecorazzi will be sending someone to cover it (a little birdy told me!)

    Thanks again Sean,