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We Are Pro-"Same Dress Twice"

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nicole.jpgI just read a quick little article about “Fast Clothes,” and the fact that so many cheap and chic items are available now that many people are buying almost disposable clothes. “Who cares if it gets a hole in it after a month or two? It only cost me $10. I’ll just buy more later.”

However, when you really think about it, $10 is the cost to your wallet, but not the complete item cost. How much energy and petroleum did it take to make that top and get it to your house? How many pesticides where used in producing the fabric? And are the workers being paid and treated fairly?

The idea can be taken further, and away from just the price of the clothes, but the fact that people have become accustomed to having so many clothes. Many people go out on shopping sprees with each new season of fashion that comes in. Celebrities are known to shop much more often than that.

Then there is the issue that celebrities photographed so often, can never wear the same item twice. This is getting ridiculous. It becomes front page news when Nicole Kidman, Sadie Frost, or Julia Roberts wears the same dress twice.

In Nicole’s case, readers wrote in words of encouragement like, “who cares. I wish more celebs would wear the same clothes twice. you should not buy something and only wear it once.” And, “who cares! we all wear our clothes more that twice! just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she has to have a different outfit for every single day!!!” These comments make me think that it’s the media that is creating this fake faux pas.

The moral of the story is: buy quality clothes meant to last, made from organic and natural fibers when possible. Be proud of your clothes and wear them over and over – and encourage your favorite celebs to do the same. Just can’t bring yourself to repeat too often? Consider swapping your clothes with a friend or in a shop!

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