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snipshot_aq117p43gk2o.jpgThe medical mystery that is Keith Richards continues to baffle the scientific community. For all intents and purposes, the guy should have ended up in an urn many, many years ago. The Rolling Stones rocker, who also shares the fountain of youth with bandmates Sir Mick Jagger and drummer Charlie Watts, has recently made the shift to organic vodka at the urging of bandmate Ronnie Wood’s wife, Jo Wood, who is a keen advocate for green living. From the article,

Jo told the Daily Express: “I bought Keith 12 bottles of organic vodka for his birthday in December and when he got it he cracked up. I’m always going on about how the band should drink organic booze – they get really sick of me going on sometimes.”

According to, the rockers have even been seen recently jogging together. It would be ironic if all these health moves end up killing them. What’s good for the rest of the world may not actually be good for a group that has partied for most of their lives. What’s the secret? Well, apparently, he’s just lucky. This month’s Best Life magazine asks that very question: “Some men exercise daily, eat well, and die suddenly on a racquetball court at age 41. Keith Richards chain-smokes, drinks heavily, and may very well live into his nineties. In their new column, “The Body Eccentric,” the duo who penned Why Do Men Have Nipples? tackle the mystery of Keith Richards’s longevity.”

It’s all chance, everyone. If you’re into your vodka though, be like Keith and give the organic brand a chance. It might not save your life, (or your liver) but at least you’ll be in good company.

Thanks to Steve from Groovy Green for the tip!

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  • RemyC

    This is going up on CocktailOrganico where you can find a complete listing of organic spirits and a few interesting tidbits about ethanol… both the drink, and the fuel.

  • Koko (Von Shimmon)

    Great post with one ungodly exception. You just used the phrase “for all intensive purposes”. Dude. The correct phrase is “for all intents and purposes”. WTF is an “intensive purpose”? VERY VERY VERY BAD. This obliterates your credibility as much as mixing up “effect” and “affect” or perhaps more! Don’t muck the dog on an otherwise awesome site!

  • BlueBerry Pick’n

    This is hilarious.

    beautiful… beautiful…

    help him regain his chemical balance after falling out of the tree…

    as long as its organic, baby…

    Spread Love…
    … but wear the Glove!

    BlueBerry Pick’n
    can be found @
    Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced