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Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio received an interesting write-up this weekend in the UK’s Observer. Writer Carole Cadwalladr claims that though Leo is a good actor, his best acting comes out in real life saying that, “Reading back through his cuts, it becomes apparent that there’s a Leo for every occasion.”

Cadwalladr says she sat with Leo last week to discuss his Oscar nomination, among other things, and she met, “DiCaprio the serious artist, and DiCaprio the ecowarrior and DiCaprio the impassioned idealist.” The next day, however, she reads (and sees photos) in the Daily Mirror, a UK gossip rag, of his other personality. She goes on,

Oh, it’s annoying this. Because as well as interviewing him I spend five hours traipsing around in his wake and immediately after he leaves me, I discover, he heads off to his premiere and ‘a marathon nine-hour all-night booze bender’. And what a bender! With his 20-strong ‘entourage’, he’s seen racking up a £10,000 bar bill, trawling three different clubs including, slightly hilariously, I think, Boujis, the inner sanctum of Sloaney prepsters as frequented by Princes William and Harry, returning to his hotel at 6am, carrying on partying for another couple of hours, and then leaving to fly to Rome in that most environmentally friendly of all vehicles: a private jet.

Of course, she argues, if a multi-millionaire with a brand-new Oscar nomination can’t party it up, who can?

It is actions like these that make the press and the public wonder: is the eco-bit for real, or is it for show? I still believe it is all for real, though I do believe that my dear DiCaprio leads a double life. But is that so bad? When you go to work, aren’t you more serious and professional? When you get home you call up your friends and go out to the clubs. You don’t mix the two – and neither does Leo. In fact, he is one of the only celebrities that insists on this separation.

I don’t think that makes him less sincere. As for the private jet, hmmm…not so sure about that. We’re going to hope he’s at least offsetting those emissions.

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  • valentina

    Great entry! I completely agree with you!

  • Liz

    I think we all like to have fun. I am studying Geography at Uni in Australia, though I still misbehave.

    So what if he does things that children shouldn’t know about? We all do. It wan’t his fault he was made into a teen idol after Titanic, he was an adult then and doing everything a 23 year old does – get pissed, sleep with heaps of different people, stay out late.

    But at the end of the day you still go to work, try save the world, eat healthy, be nice to people.