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snipshot_aqt68609i7f.jpgIn a previous post, we pointed out how Jesse James was recently fined over $200,000 for failing to adhere to the California Clean-Air Act with the myriad of motorcycles he built between 1998-2005. Timothy, of the cool green site, Bamboo Furniture, wrote in to round out the story,

“Jesse James commissioned me to build a bamboo project years ago at his home…he is a big supporter of artists and artisans working with natural materials..sometimes bloggers not having the budget of larger news organization do not objectively research the larger picture and only nitpic the details..I am the last person to defend motorcyles but the demand for motorcyles is more the real problem…but if you look at Jessie’s work is is really more sculpture and less transportation…does the writer of the blog post run to work???”

To answer his first question, I do not run to work (unless I’m late), but I do walk to work — everyday. I’m not sure what he’s implying since driving a car to work would expel less emissions than a motorcycle, but I do understand his point on the arts, support of the arts (especially natural), and showing the other side of an individual.

And granted, this is why we have readers — and look for your input on helping us clarify positions we take on the people we write about. I still think it was irresponsible for James not to install emissions-reducing technology on his bikes; but also find it a little odd that such a practice went unnoticed for such a long time. Shouldn’t such vehicles be inspected? It seems to me that California unfairly singled the guy out after seven years and nailed him with the fine to set an example. Are motorcycles subjected to the same inspections as cars? Did he receive warnings?

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  • Kate

    Hi, I’d like to point out a few things. These might interest you. One thing is the media version of Jesse’s fine by the (CARB) is misquoting the (CARB) here’s the link to the original press release .
    This incorrect media claims “As a result, the bikes were giving off hydrocarbons at up to 10 times the state limits!”. That is NOT correct. The (CARB) said “Emissions data shows that an uncertified engine in a motorcycle can emit up to 10 times more pollution than a certified one.”
    Jesse James released a press release Saturday after the (AP) picked up the story and it hit a large media. I quote “I think its pretty suspicious that an organization (CARB)that runs
    under the premise of “Clean Air” is doing press releases on the cash
    settlements they are extracting from California Business’. If there
    intentions were really focused on the environment they surely would
    have taken my offer to make All of the “noncompliant” Motorcycles meet
    Federal EPA standards. They did not accept my offer and stated that they
    were only interested in the cash settlement.
    West Coast Choppers Motorcycles have been tested to be low emissions
    Vehicles and will always comply with Federal safety and Emissions
    standards. West Coast Choppers is on the leading edge in Hydrogen
    Technology with
    Development of a Zero emissions hydrogen powered Land Speed car capable
    of 250mph. West Coast Choppers has also pioneered the worlds first
    Green Fast food restaurant Cisco Burger that opened in May 2006.
    We hope that paying this money will bring to light that California has
    a Flawed system when it comes to its Clean Air Agencies and the policies
    and practices they use. Jesse James.”

    Jesse’s wife became part of this story BECAUSE of the media. This is BY far the 1st time I have seen him address his wife in anything to do with HIS shop West Coast Choppers & HIS restaurant CISCO BURGER. He did that today in a response to this story. Jesse’s response in the LONG BEACH PRESS TELE_GRAM today.
    Thanks Kate

  • Ampulex

    Yew, aren’t you an arrogant jerk?

    Okay, so you don’t like motorcycles but you’re flat out wrong that your driving to work would expel less emissions than a motorcycle (or a scooter, for that matter).

    More disconcerting is you rpreachy nonsense, here and elswhere, about Jesse James and whether he is, or isn’t, meeting your friggin standards.

    Yuk. I feel like someone just spit on me. Go away please. Now. You’re polluting the Internet.

  • michael

    “Okay, so you don’t like motorcycles but you’re flat out wrong that your driving to work would expel less emissions than a motorcycle (or a scooter, for that matter).”

    A.) I never said I did not like motorcycles. I personally enjoy motorcycles. This has nothing to do with the conversation.

    B.) Am I that wrong? Check here to review some background information on motorcycles and emissions.

    Oh, and here’s a napkin.