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Nickelback vs. landminesOkay, that’s a really corny headline, but it’s the truth. We’ve heard of musicians donating “a portion of the earnings” from their latest album/single/video to charity and various organizations they support. Not Canadian group Nickelback. All of the earnings from their latest single “If Everyone Cared” and its video will go to Amnesty International and International Children’s Awareness Canada. Read more about this story.

The boys of the band are also staunch fighters against landmines. The picture you see here was taken from Adopt A Minefield, with the guys wearing “No More Landmines” shirts by Von Dutch.

  • Andrea

    Chad Kroeger, the singer, has also helped the campaign against the Canada seal hunt by donating a signed sweatshirt to be auctioned off by the Humane Society of the United States.

  • Joe

    Nice t-shirts. Spread the word.