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gore.jpgTwo Norwegian member of parliament, Børge Brende and Heidi Sørensen, have nominated both Al Gore and Canadian environmentalist Sheila Watt-Cloutier to share the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. From the article,

“Al Gore has done a very important job as former US VP and has created so much pressure in the USA that for the first time President Bush must now say that climate change is a problem. No other single person in the last year has done so much to put the threat of climate change on the agenda, and contributed to lasting changes in international policy,” Børge Brende said.

“Sheila Watt-Cloutier has opened the world’s eyes to what is happening in the Arctic. When she communicated this, the climate debate took a new and important turn. She has communicated the drama and given it a face,” Heidi Sørensen said.

The two Norwegians feel that the nominations have a great chance of being recognized since The Nobel Committee “has previously been adept at addressing new threats with their awards.” I’m in agreement with them. I believe Gore might actually have a shot at not only the Oscar, but the Peace Prize as well. Say what you will about his stage delivery (which has improved dramatically), or the amount of emissions he alone generated promoting the film, but his impact has been massive. My mother-in-law watched his movie — twice. She’s now all caught up in doing everything possible to lessen her impact on the planet. She’s inspired. We need others to inspire. Give him the award. Let him share it with Sheila. Whatever. We should recognize their efforts in bringing attention to causes that have been grassroots for too long.

Not sure who Sheila Watt-Cloutier is? Check out her Wikipedia info here!

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  • michael

    As an aside, I understand completely that nominating someone for the Nobel Peace Prize is pretty easy. I found this online: “Any social science, history, philosophy, law, and theology professor, judge, or legislator in any country (plus a few others) can nominate anyone for a Nobel Peace Prize (past nominees, just in 1901-1951, included Hitler, Stalin, and Molotov).”

    So, sure, nominations are easy to come by; but I still think Gore’s shots are high.

  • Aidan Sericolo

    Al Gore sucks I think that he shouldn’t get any prize exept the stupidest guy ever. Taylor doesn’t like him either.

  • polar bear

    Whatever you may think of him personally, Al Gore’s work deserves all the awards and publicity it can get. The message and the information must get out. 13% of Americans still have never heard of global warming. People need to finally wake up if we are going to do something about it!

  • Heidi

    This is wonderful news. Al Gore is helping people wake up and reminding people global warmng shouldn’t be about politics.

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  • Megan

    hey Polar Bear, do you know that 75% of Americans make up their own statistics.

    Please, Please people, don’t get sucked in by this! We’re too smart to believe a man who uses roughly 4X the amount of energy of an average American per month, has an Olympic size swimming pool, claims to have invented the internet, and owns a private jet!

    Volcanoes produce more CO2 than humans have since the industrial revolution. The earth goes through heating and cooling periods and the CO2 count follows the temperature changes. Even if it was true, it wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal. Animals adapt, and TWENTY FRIGGING FEET OF WATER come on people. Be realistic.

    I can’t tell you the shit all the REAL scientists from NASA are going through to get all of Al Gore’s completely untrue facts disproved.

    We are conceited to think that we can affect the earth and mother nature this much when it’s survived millions of years. (also, look @ the dinosaur year, MUCH hotter back then than it is now). If the earth’s lifespan were 1 day, we would be on it for the last minute. Do you really think humans can change the planet that much? If you do you’re stupid and conceited.

  • John

    Wow!! Meagan shows some real ignorance there. Let’s ignore the debate for a second on whether man or natural effects are causing the heating (I will get back to this later) and focus on the impact of rising water. Let’s assume Greenland melts and the Earth’s water rises a small 6 ft. (Forget the 20 ft Meagan mentions, let’s keep it conservative. Besides, it doesn’t take NASA to compute the impact of losing the ice sheet on Greenland on the water levels, that is simple math for anyone to do.) Anyone been to the beach lately? I can tell you they are not 6 ft above sea level!!! Look at Florida and its development. The massive buildup along the coast isn’t higher than 6 ft. A rise of six feet in the water level and the subsequent damage to coastal development in Florida alone will make the New Orleans flood look like the proverbial drop in the bucket.

    I have also heard the arguement that climate changes are measured in thousand of years. No doubt that is the natural flow of things. But what I love is how the ignorant masses use that to explain what is going on with the arctic and to disprove man’s impact. Those changes are occurring at rates less than 40 years. (If you don’t believe its happening look at photos of the change in glaciers in Alaska alone since 1950!!!)

    Come on people. Wake up. Volcanoes may spew more CO2 when they erupt but they are not doing it 24/7 like human production. We can and do impact the earth and we need to correct the cranial/rectal inversion that is going on.

  • Kallie

    I dislike Al Gore and think that he lied about global warming. he dosnt have enough proof and shouldnt have gotten a nobel peace prize for it. HUMANS HAVE NOT MADE GLOBAL WARMING. also on the earth it has been warmer. when christepher columbus sailed her the ocean was higher. shoutout to john and megan look in comments who are dead on. he isnt worthy of ANY award untill he can give us real facts and give us a sulution. it’s impossible.

  • PK

    Al Gore’s religion of eco-love is sham. His policies suck and he never should have won the nobel prize. Irena was much more deserving…too bad it went to dirtbag politician.

  • gooniebird

    They mast be mixing the suarian brandy and romulan ale together to acuialy nominate those two jerks for any sort of prize there other more deserving recipiants rather then the grusome twosome

  • The Scientist

    First off Al Gore winning Noble piece prize = WTF. He didn’t really do anything but get people to notice untrue satistics. Now if he could have solved global warming,if there is such a thing, then yes i would think he’d deserve the prize. and you John, about the six ft of water being a big deal, not really. New Orleans has been doing fine for years and their city is beloe sea level. and for a rebutal dont even talk about Katrina causing floods and all that stuff. Katrina was a variable that would flood any area. so after all this inquiry i leave you with this… AL Gore is a twat.