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princealbert.jpgWe all know the Prince Charles is called ‘the green prince’, but who knew that another royal is a contender for the title? Prince Albert II of Monaco is well-known for supporting plenty of environmental causes, including the United Nations’ new campaign called Plant For The Planet, which aims to plant one billion trees this year to help combat climate change.

He also promptly signed the Kyoto Protocol when he succeeded to the throne nearly two years ago, and has also gone on Arctic expeditions to find out how global warming has been affecting the glaciers. Since then, he has launched a foundation for environmental research, focusing on the rising sea levels. Prince Albert is also involved in socially responsible investing and has launched a fund called the Monaco Environment Development Durable. And last year, the Monaco Yacht Show went carbon neutral.

Monaco may be a small country, but it’s great to see their leader actually taking big steps towards helping the environment. We’d definitely love to see more news and updates about his green projects.

  • http://currentroyalnews Sherian E. McLaughlin

    It’s very nice to see a world leader take such an active interest in keeping the world from disappearing some day. I highly commend him on his efforts.

  • Max Gurney

    We applaud you for giving due credit to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco for His initiatives on global warming started a while ago and culminated in His exploratory trip to the North Pole in early 2006