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The two-day Celebrity Sports Invitational took place a couple of weeks ago in Banff, Alberta, Canada and attracted a fair number of celebrities, from Alec Baldwin, who was a co-host, to Christie Brinkley. Celebs gathered at the Banff Springs Hotel and Sunshine Village for some skiing and various winter games. Other stars in attendance include Kelsey Grammer, Julianna Margulies, Mimi Rogers, and Marcia Gay Harden.

The event is a fundraiser for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.‘s project, Waterkeeper Alliance. The group works for clean water for communities and also lends support to various environmental initiatives.

The fundraiser was open to the public, with celebrities taking part in the activities in full view of the visitors to Sunshine Village. A charity dinner was also accessible to non-celebrities, although I’m sure many people would shy away from the very idea of forking over $500 for the tickets. Still, I’m sure it was worth it for a good cause.

The other celebs present at the event had some pretty positive things to say about having the chance to work for the environment.

“One of the most important things celebrity can do is to bring attention to a cause and this is a great one. I mean, who wouldn’t want to protect all this?” (Lorenzo Lamas) says, while glancing around at the spectacular Canadian Rockies.

Actor Corbin Bernsen says people should feel obligated to help causes they believe in, not because they are celebrities, but because they are human.

“I have never been one to play that celebrity card, but if people know who we are and they support the cause because of it, it’s worth it,” he adds.

Gordon Downie, the lead vocalist of Canadian band Tragically Hip, also believes that big-name celebrities should attend such events more often to attract the media and the public’s attention to important causes.

Makes me wonder what it would be like if young Hollywood started paying more attention to these events. Could environmental causes receive a bigger image boost? Like it or not, they’re a pretty major driving force, although I’m pretty sure I’d be cringing if any one of them started, like, talking about, you know, how, like, important the environment is, you know, and it’s like really cool to be like part of a cool cause.

  • Krystyn Tully

    Hey there, thanks for writing about Waterkeeper’s 2007 sports invitational. This year was the most successful fundraiser in the organization’s history, with much-needed money raised for grassroots water quality activism. I just wanted to clarify that many of the people labelled “celebrities” by the media are, in fact, also incredibly committed and very well-versed environmental activists who just happen to better-known for their success in other areas. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Alec Baldwin and Gord Downie in particular have shown incredible leadership in the Waterkeeper movement and I have a hunch they would cringe at the wording of the final paragraph of your article. These individuals are at the forefront of the environmental movement in Canada – not because of their famous names but because of their hard work and their eloquence. Thanks again!

  • Karen Lehner

    Nice to see the report on Banff. I was there as a trustee for Waterkeeper Alliance and I was thrilled at all of the different kinds of celebrities – movie, tv, sports and even a man who walked on the moon (Thanks Buzz!) who brought attention to our organization and it’s mission to protect, preserve, defend and restore the waterways around the world. I should mention that we have received real help from the younger Hollywood throughout the year as they have committed their time and talents to raising money and awareness for us and our, to date, 157 Waterkeeper programs. Katee Sackhoff and the cast of Battlestar Galactica, Nathan Fillion and the cast of Firefly have been particularly helpful. I also want to give a special thanks to Ben Browder who came to Banff to show his support and the rest of the Stargate: Sg-1 and Stargate: Atlantis casts including Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping and Joe Flanigan. All have made special efforts to promote our cause to their fans. Thanks again!!