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No, they’re not the scary people out to get you in the middle of the night and beat you up to a bloody pulp. THUGS stand for Thoughtful Hip Urban Green-minded professionals (well, I don’t really know where the “S” goes as well, but hey, it sounds good, right?) – a term coined by Leslie Domenico, executive director of The Green Carpet series, which is a new environment group under the funding of WWF-Canada.

Their latest project to draw out the THUGS is entited “An Evening of Sustainable Style”, in which Canadian fashion designers are going all green, using material like bamboo and even plastic bottles. Slated to appear are celebrities like television host Wendy Mesle and singer Melanie Doane, who both modeled the eco-friendly clothes created by local Canadian labels such as Preloved, Yogagirl and Oqoqo. The event will be hosted by Gill Deacon and George Stroumboulopoulos, who are both well-known TV personalities.

“We are not preaching and not purists. Any shift in lifestyle helps,” says Domenico enthusiastically. Green Carpet’s aim at raising money and awareness is done so in a fun and fashionable way: their first project, an organics food market, raised about $10,000 last May. The cash collected from such events will help finance WWF-organized climate change education programs and other conservation work.

“Buying products made locally, including clothing, is one of the easiest ways people can help on the global warming file,” says Tara Wood, public relations officer forWWF-Canada. I guess if it’s fashion-conscious and eco-friendly at the same time, THUGS will definitely find the appeal in this group’s latest effort to combine both. But really, how many designers and superstars will find wearing recycled plastic bottles to a swanky Hollywood party appealing?

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