by lynn
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A new global campaign generated buzz during the recent Sundance Film Festival. It’s called Global Fast and their goal? For 10 million people around the world to fast for one day, specifically on February 21st, and donate what money they would have spent on food to charity.

The new Global Fast movement pledges to make a significant charity impact, as participants in turn pledge their daily food cost to fight injustice and feed the poor around the world. Global Fast believes that everyone (even superstars) can benefit from a day of real fasting and prayer. Their inspiration comes from the prophet Isaiah, who spoke of God’s call to ‘true fasting’ by helping others.

“Fasting to change the world – this is beautiful!”, said actor Christian Slater – who took home a custom ‘Hungry for Healing’ shirt by Global Fast.

The best part is even though the organization appears to be distinctly Christian, and with the worldwide fast falling on Ash Wednesday, people of all faiths are encouraged to join.

The Global Fast website also contains an excellent music video featuring Sarah McLachlan singing “World On Fire.” The video, which only cost $15 to make, highlights all the expenses that go into making regular music videos and how the same amounts could provide food, water, education, health care, electricity, and infrastructure to different countries all over the world. It was released in 2004, but here’s the video anyway for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

  • Preston

    Great idea–I love it. That Sarah, she’s so good at what she does.

  • rebecca

    Wow, I had never seen that video before. And I agree, Preston, Sarah is incredible. After I watched this video I went ahead and searched for her Ice Cream tune and had myself a little sing-a-long.

    Can you imagine what a great marketing campaign that would be, and what a huge impact it would make, if the entertainment industry took a day of its costs and put them towards helping the world?

  • Sustainable Sean

    I’ve thought this was the most amazine song EVER since I fist heard it over a year ago. love it, Love It, LOVE IT. The dance version is really good as well.