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kidman.jpgAs the media so politely let us know, Keith Urban has recently left rehab for alcohol addiction and is looking to spend a little R & R with wife, Nicole Kidman in Tennessee for Valentine’s Day. Nicole is getting ready for the event and has purchased about one dozen Northern Light Candles to set the mood.

Northern Light Candles are are made from organic Australian beeswax, feature chemical-free cotton wicks and cosmetic grade macadamia nut oil. The Aussie connection is not coincidental as both Kidman and Urban grew up in the land down under. Not only are the candles sustainable, the business and energy behind the product is also eco-friendly. From the site,

“We at northern light eat from our own garden and use and drink from our own rain water supply. The candle studio grounds include a pocket of remnant lowland subtropical rainforest, an area being replanted, maintained, protected and sustained with rainwater run-off from the studio. All packaging is made from recycled cardboard, and printed with non-toxic, renewable soy-based ink. Outer boxes are secured with water-based gum Arabic and recycled paper, we do not use any sticky tapes or glues. All of our candles come with its natural golden honey color and scent as we do not use any artificial coloring, bleaches or toxic fragrances. We also abstain from the use of other toxic waxes such as palm oil, soy wax and paraffin.”

Makes you frown upon the candles you have in your home now, right? The only problem I see is that these candles are being shipped to the U.S. from Australia; increasing the carbon footprint substantially. But, shipped in cargo jets — and considering their near-zero impact in creation — such worries are eased. For some customer comments or to order, check out this site. To go behind the scenes, check out the company site here.

Have a nice Valentine’s Day you two….

via TMZ via Hugg

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  • jeffrey

    i am the owner of the candle company that has made these candles.
    this media release didn’t come from our company but rather from a web site in u.s. selling our light.
    thank you for the kind words about us, nicole just has good taste, she has been burning our candles for quite some time, i would rather her privacy be kept intact.