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snipshot_b2uuftrlvlp.jpgIn an interview with Life magazine, singer James Blunt has lashed out at celebrity culture saying that pictures of celebrities without underwear or wearing skimpy outfits distract us from important issues like global warming and war. And you know what? He’s right. For days on end, I thought of nothing but Britney Spears and her clothing (or lack their of) choices. Will she wear panties this time? What color will they be? Will she and Lohan go commando together? Where’s Paris?

But James is here to help and says that we shouldn’t have to pay attention to such things. From the interview,

“Stop producing magazines that publish pictures of celebrities jumping out of cars with no underwear on. The notion of fame is such a distraction from what I do,” said the former soldier. “It’s unhealthy when we have things like war and global warming going on. We need to adjust the balance.”

I completely agree — which is one the reasons why Ecorazzi exists in the first place. However, my wife might argue that ‘balance’ implies more male celebrity coverage; specifically Hugh Jackman’s ass.

As a Global Cool post points out, Blunt is involved in works to support charitable and environmental issues. He recenly performed a charity concert for Doctors Without Borders.  Such acts are a reflection of his desire not to get wrapped up in the selfish net of the music world. “The music industry has so many fickle sides to it and is involved in selling image and a lot of things that aren’t very real,” he said. “It seems like a great idea to do something relevant to everyday.”

Right on. My money is on this guy headlining Gore’s Climate Change Concerts. We’ll leave it up to the paparazzi to determine if he goes commando or not.

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  • rebecca

    I still say that the lack of panties is an underground movement against the pesticides in cotton, or other such world saving action.

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  • Blunty

    LOL Rebecca :P

    I’m very happy to see he doesn’t lose himself in fame. He is a very intelligent man. More people, as well celebreties as other people, should be like him.

  • Blunty

    He is my hero :D