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MobyMoby, Moby, Moby. It’s very interesting to get a glimpse inside of that bald head of his. I hadn’t checked his blog for a while, but he left us some pretty good tidbits. Moby loves his politics, but we don’t really focus on that here. He’s also a friend of the environment and the animals, and mentioned them several times in the last few weeks.

On January 19 he started writing some random ideas including electric vehicles for delivery trucks with a fixed route, an organized climate change coastal real estate agent lobbying group, and storm surge barriers for NYC to handle a Cat 5 hurricane.

The next day he followed up with a recent stat from the UN that estimates 18% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from livestock production. It obviously didn’t sit well with Moby, as he mentioned it again last week. Wondering why Al didn’t cover the topic in his film, Moby writes,

it’s also why i found it so odd that al gore didn’t mention livestock production in ‘an inconvenient truth’.
kind of like making a movie about global warming and not mentioning cars.
‘an inconvenient truth’ is a great movie, don’t get me wrong. i’m just confused as to why he didn’t mention a sector of industry(livestock production) that’s responsible for 1/5th of the greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming.
that’s all.

That’s an interesting thought – making a global warming movie and not mentioning cars. According to Wikipedia, vehicle fuel has a similar impact on greenhouse gases. Was livestock production left out for a reason? Too controversial? Possibly. You start talking about animals here in the US and it becomes a completely different argument. Maybe it was left out with the purpose of bringing people together with a stronger message, rather than bringing in another controversial topic that would divide us.

Whew. I feel trippy. Moby’s mind is an interesting place, but you can get lost in there!

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  • Andrea

    I heard that some members of his family are connected to the beef industry, so that’s probably why he didn’t encourage people to reduce their meat consumption in the movie. I think his leaving the livestock aspect out is pretty cowardly. If he really wants to send the message that America needs to get serious about climate change, he shouldn’t ignore “inconvenient truths.” Though he did encourage people to reduce meat consumption in a section of companion book, it would have been nice to see the issue in the movie.