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pat.jpgPat Sajak has a blog. This is taking me a few moments to process. Am I the only one? Ready for the next bit? He’s now written twice consecutively about global warming. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with this. It gets worse. He’s a non-believer.

The UN Report triggered this whole discussion, and as they are becoming more certain that humans are a main factor in global warming, Pat Sajak is become more and more skeptical. After all, he says, just 30 years ago we were supposed to be heading into an Ice Age. He finishes up his first piece by saying,

There’s also the argument that we should take all steps deemed necessary by this panel “just in case”. I say, let’s wait a bit before dramatically adjusting our lives. After all, if we can switch from an impending Ice Age to catastrophic global warming in just 30 years, we should be able, with some effort, to drop the temperature a degree or two in pretty short order.

Yes, Pat, let’s wait a bit. I live on the second floor, so I should be able to handle some degree sea level rising.

After writing his entry, it seems that Pat went to bed and really thought about this issue more. I have more to say, he thinks. And so he writes again,

Imagine being absolutely certain we are the verge of a man-made catastrophe and not doing everything within your power to help reverse it. Anyone who truly believes it and still uses anything more than the lowest-wattage single bulb or drives one mile more than absolutely necessary is nothing short of a monster! A skeptic’s actions can be blamed on ignorance; a believer’s can only be chalked up to a shocking disregard for his children’s futures.

Interesting point, actually – though I find the monster comment a little harsh (it’s also my favorite line of the whole post). He goes on to slam Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the world as hypocrites. I still believe that each person will find their own path, and that every green step in the right direction does help.

Pat, you have surprised me, you really have. In many more ways than one. I wonder how Vanna feels about all of this?

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