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What Would You Do With $40m? Harry Potter Wants A Prius!

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potter_prius.jpgI know I shouldn’t be calling Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter, but the two are interchangeable; and until the world sees him as something else, he’s stuck with with the nagging association.

Anyways, Radcliffe has been receiving loads of attention lately due in large part to his starring role in the London production of Equus. Normally, this would not be cause for sensation, but the pics of Radcliffe posing near-nude in publicity shots and promises of full-body exposures during the run of the show have sent teenage girls and the media into a tizzy. Not to mention that a size-able sum of London will never be able to look at Radcliffe the same way — as the boy Potter — once his innocence is flashed before them. Such is art on stage.

Anyways, besides the latest movie coming out this summer, the last book hitting stores, and Radcliffe’s nudity being challenged by right-wing orgs everywhere, the guy is also turning 18 and looking forward to having access to a trust fund worth almost $40 million dollars. Were does one start? According to Radcliffe, his vehicle of choice is a green one. From the article,

“But the summer brings an even more pivotal development in his young life: on 23 July, Dan turns 18 and he will get access to his considerable fortune. He’s no flash Harry but reckons he might buy a Toyota Prius (not that he’s passed his test, and not that he’s ‘a real environmentalist – I always forget to turn the lights off’).”

How ’bout that? This wizard’s got some green wheels on his mind; though we’d love to chip in with some advice on the lights and other ways his fortune might help out the world. One step at a time, young Harry, and good luck this summer — I’m rooting that your character will be around to haunt you the rest of your days! Hit the interview for more!

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