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[Editors note: We've just received this grateful response from Ed through his publicist. Congrats to Ed and Rachelle!]

snipshot_b2mu064se60.jpgTo all of our Ecorazzi fans,

Thank you so much for picking us as your favorite couple in the Big Hearts Celebrity Couples Contest. I guess if you do something long enough (Rachelle and I putting up with each other!), you’re bound to get recognized. As most of you know, I’ve been doing this stuff since the early 1970s. My motivation came from a desire to help clean up the terrible smog we had in Los Angeles back in those days, combined with an ongoing effort to save money. As I’ve said many times, the things that I do have been good for my bottom line…and I’m cheap. Rachelle, besides being the love of my life, has also helped me in the area of style. Until I met Rachelle, I was more concerned with function than form. In our home and in our garden, energy efficiency has now been coupled with style. She cares about the environment very much, but she also forces me to consider how things ‘look’, not just how things ‘work’. Now we have both a functioning boiler room AND a beautiful promenade deck on the S.S. Begley.

Now, after 13 wonderful years, we’ve decided to give everyone a chance to see what keeps the ship going…through our new TV series “Living With Ed” (Gratuitous plug = Sunday Nights at 10 p.m. EST on HGTV). THANK YOU for all the wonderful email we have received about the show! If you keep watching it, we’ll keep doing it. Frankly, it’s the best acting job I’ve ever had…I get to work from home and I don’t have to wear makeup or memorize lines! I’ve never been one to proselytize, but my door is always open to anyone that is interested in what I’m doing. That’s what the show is all about. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time preaching to the converted. With “Living With Ed”, our hope is to create, through the comedy that is our life, an inclusive environment where more people will find it easy to conserve and save money. If the show gets people to pick the low hanging fruit (compact florescent bulbs, energy saving thermostats, composting etc.), then Rachelle and I will be very happy.

Thanks again for this terrific honor!

“Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live”

Ed Begley Jr.

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  • rebecca

    Thanks so much for writing in, Ed! It’s nice to hear directly from you. Keep up the great work and enjoy your reign as the Ecorazzi Big Hearts Couple!!

  • Preston

    I must admit, I’ve been so busy with school that I’ve only been able to catch a little of the show. If I understand this correctly, “Living with Ed,” is a reality show? This is for real stuff?! For some reason, I thought the show was just made up, so I guess I was gone the day everyone said that. Anyway, awesome! Ed on ecorazzi…doesn’t get any better.

  • becky

    YAY! :) It’s nice to hear from him.

  • Linda

    It is nice to hear from the eco-celebs that we enjoy reading about and that it’s OK to have a love of style & luxury when living green. I think that Ed and Rachelle should come to E’Terra’s grand opening gala in May – I don’t think there are many places on earth that showcase this idea more than E’Terra.

  • Sustainable Sean

    OMG…sustainability…style…in the same sentence practically! I’m in heaven. But really, I LOVE the show, especially since I’ve found myself in many of these situations with my own partner. Ed and Rachelle are true lifestyle ambassadors, the type of folks we at SSF love to see out there showing people how it’s done.