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Kevin Nealon Becomes Celeb Ambassador For Auto Education Foundation

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snipshot_b211j3hl2rb0.jpgI’ve been a big fan of Kevin Nealon since his Saturday Night Live days; and have enjoyed his character on the Showtime hit, ‘Weeds’ every chance I get to watch the series online. It’s just been announced that Nealon has been selected to serve as the Honorary Celebrity Ambassador for the Automotive Education Foundation.

Before some of you greenies start thinking that Kevin has joined the dark side to promote gas-gulzzlers; understand that the Foundation exists to award scholarships to students across the nation who are pursuing or advancing careers in the automotive industry. Of particular interest to the organization are those interested in the development of fuel-efficient vehicles; the development of alternative fuel vehicles; and other automotive studies. Turns out these efforts are something right up Kevin’s alley. From the press release,

“In the mid-1990s he drove the infamous EV1, the first electric vehicle model produced by General Motors (GM) and made available to enthusiasts in the U.S.  Kevin says of the vehicle, “I loved that electric car. It was quiet, sleek and fast. It’s in the shop now, though. I’m having a gas engine put in it, but I loved it — absolutely loved it.”

<Record-screech> Why is Kevin Nealon placing a gas engine in his EV1? Why does Kevin Nealon still have an EV1? Is he kidding? The release continues mentioning Kevin’s environmental traits with the ownership of a hybird car and his committment to biking more than driving.

Let’s hope Kevin is able to inspire more students to pursue careers in advancing the American auto industry in fuel efficiency and not in size or sex-appeal. If the latest auto show in Detroit was any indication, we still have a long way to go.

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