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This isn’t really green celeb news, but since it’s related to celebrities who work with humanitarian groups, causes, and campaigns, it’s worth our attention.

It looks like Danny Glover is not liking the negative comments being made about celebrities. Being a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador himself, he’s probably been targeted by a lot of skeptics wondering why he chose to be involved with such matters.

…he said, “It’s important to separate people from what they do as a person and as part of an institution. Take Angelina Jolie for example, she’s a successful actress but when she’s doing charity work she does it within the framework of the United Nations, as a representative for them, not as a superstar. People should appreciate these efforts.”

Now you all know that we love celebrities who do some good for the world, but it’s easy to understand why some people would scoff at the idea of stars fighting for human rights, animal welfare, or the environment. Celebrities have been associated with living the good life, buying the best, most expensive things, and just generally being able to do whatever they want. So some people might think it’s odd if they start getting involved with serious causes or even believe that they couldn’t possibly understand what they’re fighting for. Even worse, the public also tends to think that it’s all just a publicity stunt when celebs sign on for such projects. I suppose it can be difficult for them to convince people of their dedication and credibility, but hopefully, the negative comments won’t stop them from doing their work.

  • Elli

    Good article! Celebrities are also a private persons and citizens. And as such they are free to involve into any political or social or environmental cause like everyone of us. And if they’re using their celebrity status for a good cause, I think it’s the best they can do with it – in any case, even if they do it to get some more attention or support or whatever.
    But I do, in fact, believe that most celebrities who really involve, are truly serious as human beings about the cause they stand up for.

  • claudia marrapodi

    danny glover speaks out what is in my heart! it is time to focus on this very important point and i’m very thankful for it!